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Think you know the story of Samson and Delilah? Think again. Think Australian, think contemporary, think feminist… think Left of Centre.

Days Left

DELILAH is a brand new play created by Left of Centre Theatre Co. A familiar story, in this world toxic masculinity is rampant and violence is behind every closed door.

In other words, this is an Australian story. And… every character is played by a woman.

Directed by Romi Kupfer, written by Clare Hennessy, designed by Abbie-Lea Hough and presented by The Butterfly Club, now we need YOUR help to get us to our season at The Butterfly Club from the 20-25 of Feb…and beyond.

In 2017 alone, 47 women died in Australia from domestic violence. In 2016, this number was a staggering 74 – that’s more than one woman a week. If fatalities were occurring in these numbers for any other reason, a national emergency would be declared.

Storytelling is our ticket into this emergency. Our brains want to take problems and turn it into good guys and bad guys, bitches and heroes, victims and perps. Theatre, however, asks us to empathise; it’s the only way to get beyond stats and stereotypes and to navigate the grey areas.

Diverse characters and stories are still in the minority. We want to change that by employing and creating diversely. We can all feel the storm brewing, so help us keep that momentum alive..

We are asking for $4000 in donations to help us with this project. The average budget for a production sits around five times that amount to cover production costs… but it’s amazing how far $4000 will go in an independent theatre show. Your generosity will help us to:
+ Get great props, costumes and sets
+ Pay our artists
+ Employ an AUSLAN translator
+ Ensure the future-life of the project beyond The Butterfly Club.

For more info, check out www.leftofcentretheatreco.com, like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leftofcentreau.





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Left of Centre Theatre Co is a partnership between designer Abbie-Lea Hough and writer Clare Hennessy. Together, they embark upon a unique method of story-telling that focuses on building worlds that will transport the audience, into the foreign and re-discovering the familiar. Always new, always proudly Australian… always left of centre.