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Delilah is a supernatural web series about identity, love and survival. Inspired by films such as ‘Logan’ and ‘Annihilation’, Delilah is about a dangerous young woman and her fight to protect her younger sister, August.

Days Left

Delilah is a six-part supernatural web series that follows our protagonist, a young woman with a dangerous power. Delilah can massacre thousands of people with a supersonic scream, but her only fight is to keep August safe from those who are after her. Delilah has been hunted her entire life by a woman who wants to use Delilah’s power for a ‘compassionate’ human annihilation. But when Delilah and August escape into the forest, they are discovered by a supernatural being who reveals Delilah’s origin and true purpose.

Yet to be fully cast, Delilah is an ambitious series with an equally ambitious crew behind it, being led by emerging Director and Writer Demi-Lea Worrad and being shot by established Cinematographer and Producer Justin Latimer who has worked professionally on ABC TV Movie ‘Riot’, TV Series ‘The Letdown’ and is currently working on Foxtel’s ‘Lambs of God’.

Where the money is going…

Currently in pre-production, Delilah requires generous support through this fundraising campaign to realise the exact vision that Writer/Director Demi-Lea Worrad has created. In order for this project to reach its maximum potential (& then some), we need to cover some crucial costs:

$5,000 (extremely discounted) – Gear Hire
This allows for a budget of just over $300/day which is not much in the gear hire world. Most of the gear has been self purchased/financed already but there are a few extra lenses and equipment we need.

$2,600 – Safety Costs
This is an extremely crucial cost that involves insurance, risk assessments and stunts throughout the series.

$3,024 – Catering
Approximately $8-$10 per person/day for a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep the hard working cast and crew energised.

$800 – Wardrobe and Makeup
There are a few SPX requirements that are costly.

$700 – Production Design
Most of the locations are being given to us for free, but we still need to dress them to fit into the web series narrative.

$606 – ACF Service Fee
This covers the ACF fee, which is 5% of what we raise.

TOTAL – $12,730

The costs not included in this total are: the hire of post-production services (which includes editing, sound designing/mixing and colour grading), cast and crew fees, and promotional/marketing costs for the series. Any money raised over our total goal will go towards these remaining costs.

Our intention to cover any additional costs is through sponsorship, private investment, and/or applying to grants. If you’re interested in sponsoring the series or becoming a private investor please contact series creator:

To find out more about the series, head to:


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I am an emerging Australian Actress and Writer. I have had the pleasure of working on various Film/TV Productions, Short Films, Web Series’ and TVC’s since graduating from I.S.A mid- 2016. I love creating my own content and working with fellow independent filmmakers to bring their visions to life.


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