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Deadly Denim is a non for profit denim label, fusing Aboriginal art with denim. Deadly Denim shares Indigenous culture, stories, and connection through art. Launching in October 2018 and travelling around Australia.

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Deadly Denim is an art on the move project. It is a range of denim jackets designed and created using recycled denim jackets and artwork on fabric from various artists, predominantly Indigenous artists.

Deadly Denim is a project fundraising for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander midwives and student midwives with all profits being donated to Rhodanthe Lipsett Indigenous Midwifery fund whilst also supporting and promoting Indigenous artists.

The project will launch in October starting in Perth and will travel around Australia over a 12 month period, popping up in towns, communities and cities at festivals, markets and events.

Why? Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander mothers still suffer 3 times the mortality rate of non-Indigenous Australian mothers. Premature and low birth weight babies are double the rate when compared to non-Indigenous babies.

Research has proven having an Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander midwife providing care improves birth outcomes for both mothers and babies.

We’re working to help RLIMCF support Indigenous student midwives to reach parity with non-Indigenous midwives. And to do that, we need 600 more Indigenous midwives to qualify in Australia. And to do that, we need you.

This project so far has been solely funded by me ,who am I ?
I am a student midwife, proud Noongar woman and a parent to two boys .

Deadly Denim has come so far and is now on the road with everything we need including our dog,packed into a camper van.

The only thing we don’t have is a camera to document and market our project and that is where we need you.

We would love you to follow the journey and be a part of this wonderful project . You can follow our blogs on the website and keep up to date with festivals and markets we will be attending on our social media pages.

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My name is Rebecca Barlow , I’m a Nonngar woman from the South West of WA . I am a designer and with a clothing label launching with all aspects of design and construction done by me . This label Deadly Denim incorporates Aboriginal art both traditional and contemporary with textiles.

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