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DEADHOUSE Tales of Sydney Morgue 2019


Join us and immerse yourself in two tales of Australian true crime as you’re guided through scenes that unfold before you in the crypt under St James’ Church.

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Actors Anonymous Incorporated was established in 2009 as a not-for-profit network of actors, directors, writers and producers who create, produce and perform independent theatre and film in Sydney. Our aim is to assist emerging and rising Australian writers have new scripts performed by skilled actors and directors supported by highly capable creatives and crew.

In 2019 Actors Anonymous is presenting the work of two Australian writers in a full production of DEADHOUSE Tales Of Sydney Morgue Season 2 featuring Simmonds & Newcombe: The Deadly Run (1959-60) by Liviu Monsted and Louisa Collins: A Poison Crown (1888-89) by Gina Schien which brings to life the many trials of Louisa Collins.

In DEADHOUSE 2019, history, drama and true crime collide. You will move through the eerie neo-gothic tunnel and side rooms that comprise the crypt under St James’ Church and be immersed in scenes depicting two dark and notorious cases.

This style of theatre is known as “immersive theatre” and it enables the audience to move through an historic building that evokes the past. Extra sensory cues of a bygone era will be provided through period costumes, mood lighting and a soundscape of music and effects.

Your pledge will help pay our 30 creatives, cast and crew a modest sum for the many hours they’ve invested in the production to support this original Australian production. Your donation/s to the ACF over $2 are tax deductible! The producers are funding the $40,000 production budget of this show and hope to recover this significant sum from box office and sponsorship revenue.

But we’d like to see our team receive some financial rewards so we’re asking you to support them.

What: The Louisa Collins Case plays in weeks 1 to 3 followed by Simmonds & Newcombe in weeks 4 & 5.

When: 6pm, 7.30pm or 9pm Tues to Saturday 23 Oct to 30 Nov 2019 (46 performances)

Where: St James’ Church 173 King Street (west courtyard) Sydney, NSW 2000

Tickets: From Eventbrite or at the door.
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Actors Anonymous Incorporated (AAI) was founded over ten years ago to encourage and support production of innovative, exciting and challenging new theatre work.

AAI is a not-for-profit association and registered charity that provides a platform for a network of actors, directors, writers and producers to create, develop and deliver independent theatre in Sydney.

AAI has around 3,000 members.

AAI regularly partners with other theatre companies to bring new work to Sydney stages.

The core AAI production over the past eight years has been the monthly Script-In-Hand (SIH) performances at El Rocco, Bordello and Hayes Theatres and, from April 2015, in Blood Moon Theatre Kings Cross. Script In Hand enables a writer to see their work staged as close as possible to a full production. Many scripts played in SIH have gone onto full stage production.

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