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DAUGHTER is as a short film and awareness project I produced with the aim to start a much needed discussion on gendered violence and victim blaming in our society. It has become much more.

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“Sarah Jayne ran a screening of her short flm and awareness project Daughter to a large group of Advanced Diploma of Justice students at Holmesglen. Daughter, complemented the students’ learning around victim blaming and gendered crime within their various criminal justice units. Students and teachers alike found the flm to be thought provoking and a good platform to begin a discussion about challenging stereotypes and changing attitudes towards violence within our community. Well done to Sarah Jayne for producing a very important and topical flm. Challenging stereotypes and victim blaming is a conversation that we need to be having in our communities.” – Tamara Cousins, Course Coordinator Advanced Diploma of Justice Holmesglen Tafe Waverley Campus.

The story is loosely based on and inspired by the tragic murders of Jill Meagher in Brunswick and St Kilda’s own Tracy Connelly, whose occupation as a sex worker was highlighted in the media, leading to her murder and personal story being sadly overshadowed. The main themes of the film are gendered violence, gender equality and victim blaming.

The film is an exploration on the way women are viewed in society, shown from the view of three female lead characters as the audience follows each of them on a Friday night out in St Kilda. Each woman varies in age, culture, wealth, education and social status, but their lives become entwined and affected by an act of violence this fateful night.
Daughter is a short film and awareness project produced by Nexus Production Group with support from the City Of Port Phillip through the 2015/2016 Cultural Development Fund, various St Kilda/ Port Phillip businesses and partnered with the St Kilda Gatehouse.

When writing the script I always had the end goal in mind for Daughter being education facilities more so than film festivals, because I believe that something had to be said about a woman’s role in society as it currently stands.

I wanted to be a voice in my community and I wanted to start talking about themes that are not openly or often discussed, especially not in schools or within our peer groups and especially not in film.

The way that women are looked at in the media based on there choices, everything from clothing, to career, to how much they drink or where they walk at night is looked at closely and judged unfairly compared to those of men, who hardly ever cop the same judgements.

I strongly believe that the affects of victim blaming, (which is rife in our society) towards women, gender roles, violence against women , gender equality, and respect for others needs to be discussed in schools and at home, as well as echoed through the media.

What better way to start then with education of the younger generation through film and a program or Study Guide which raises questions on these overlooked topics?

The funds raised will go towards building a Study Guide for the film through Australian Teachers of Media Victoria. Daughter is currently being distributed through the organisations online Educational Shop for teachers to purchase as a study tool, but to take the process to the next level and have a document which shows teachers how they can use the film to educate and discuss the films themes, I need this Study Guide produced.

Once I have this document created and up on the ATOM site, I will be able to pitch Daughter to Education boards, a wide network of schools though ATOM and government organisations.

Through a successful TAFE screening in June 2016, it has been proven that Daughter does fit in well with the teachings of Victoria’s Justice courses, I just need a solid Study Plan document that can be used for the teachers to base their teaching around.
The other half of the funds will go towards securing film classification via Australian Classification, which is a vital step as we move into education and possible TV contracts I am aiming for in the future. Being classified means a big deal to the project, as it will allow general audiences and teachers to make the right decision when looking for suitable films to screen at schools or events.
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Sarah Jayne is a writer and director with Nexus Production Group, who started her indie film and television career as a production designer in 2006.

Sarah Jayne has worked on numerous short films with industry heavyweights including Princess Pictures and The Boilermaker Pty Ltd, just to name a few. Her feature film credits include the critically acclaimed Taj, the one and only Dace Decklan: Private Eye, Oddball starring Shane Jacobson and The Subjects by Instinct Entertainment.

In 2013 Sarah Jayne moved into writing and directing her first film, Dusk and from there she has been predominately working as a writer, director and producer on her own projects, including Anniversary and her biggest and boldest yet, Daughter.

Sarah Jayne was recently one of the co-writers and co-directors on NPG’s ambitious feature film, shot in one night on New Years Eve, Friends, Foes & Fireworks.


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