Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane


Supercell Dance Festival #danceupastorm

Supercell is an emergent arts organisation that is growing in strength each year. Based in Brisbane Supercell brings together International Artists, National Treasures and home-grown talent to celebrate people and place

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Fundamental to Supercell is our drive for dance literacy by bringing artists and audiences closer together.

We do this through a multifaceted program approach: Performances in theatres, workshop experience for the dancer and dance lover alike, a Think Salon Conversation Series encouraging critical dialogue of the big topics by placing arts alongside science, humanities and journalism, dream of the future with Captured – a Dance for Screen program, and burst out of theatre doors for performances and gatherings across public sites of across Brisbane.

Supercell celebrates bodies in motion, brains in action and the gathering of people for exquisite art and cultural experiences. Arts and Culture have proven wellness and social cohesion benefits for people and there is nothing better then connecting the brain and the body in the beautiful sub-tropical climate of Brisbane. Supercell champions these principles and seeks support to reach as many people as possible in these bold endeavours !

Donations will be used to support local artists to create new work, the travel and accomodation of our international guests and support our audience engagement and community activities in demystifying the art form and sharing our work far and wide. Every teeny tiny bit of support assists us in reaching of 7000 people each festival!

Supercell is an annual festival presenting contemporary dance in all it’s wildest forms. Championing civic engagement, social change and critical dialogue through contemporary dance, Supercell aspires to be a cultural hub lead right from the heart of Brisbane.


Jade Ellis


Desmond Sweeney


Glyn Roberts