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Young Contemporary Dancer Scholarships

Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix (BICDP) is an event offering emerging dancers a professional networking experience, workshops and support to connect to professional training or company placements.

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This scholarship fund will enable young dancers to accept offers to begin their journey to becoming a professional contemporary dancer.

There is a significant gap internationally for platforms that provide young dancers with pathways in professional contemporary dance and few forums that connect acclaimed international directors, choreographers and teachers with talented young contemporary dancers.

The BICDP mission is to reveal, nurture, inspire and support the potential of exceptional young dancers, aged 15 to 22, who are skilled and suited for a career in contemporary dance.

We do this by providing a professional networking forum for leading international and Australian contemporary dance professionals and artistic directors to come together to coach talented young dancers and provide guidance to a professional career in contemporary dance. The BICDP provides a week long immersion in classes and workshops in contemporary dance technique, improvisation, repertoire coaching and performance.

What Will Be The Impact?
Talented young dancers will achieve their dream to become professional contemporary dancers.

Why Now?
On the 4 October 2019, at the end of the weeklong BICDP, the most promising young contemporary dancers, will receive once in a lifetime offers, with contemporary dance schools and companies in Australia and across the world. These offers will be made personally by the Artistic Directors of these leading contemporary dance schools and companies at the BICDP.

In the inaugural year of BICDP in 2018, 32 offers for training and professional internships were made by artistic directors of leading training institutions and professional companies.

What Will Success Look Like?
Young dancers will realise their professional pathway taking up studies at one of the world’s leading training institutes or taking a professional internship at a leading professional dance company. The scholarship funds make it possible to for young dancers to undertake these opportunities in Australia and overseas.

This is no ordinary dance event. The BICDP is a one of a kind opportunity to provide unique pathways for talented young contemporary dancers.

We seek donors to support scholarship funds to enable the most talented young dancers (as deemed by a panel of international contemporary dance directors) to access financial support to undertake opportunities offered to them for further study or professional placements in Australia or overseas. The scholarship fees can be used by young dancers to assist with training fees, travel expenses or wages subsidy for apprenticeships in a company.

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BICDP’s mission is to reveal and unearth the potential of exceptional young dancers who are skilled and suited for a career in contemporary dance aged 15 to 22. To educate, open the doors and connect to the best training opportunities or company experiences by supporting training fees, travel expenses or wages to further students training options or assist them to connect into professional dance companies. First place scholarships will be for both male and female in junior and senior sections. BICD Prix’s goal is to uncover and support a dance artist whose natural movement talent shines from within whilst possessing the necessary skills to succeed in a professional company environment.


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