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Dance of Language

Dance of Language is a film traversing documentary and fiction emerging from a collaboration with acclaimed Australian playwright Andrew Bovell and Madrid’s Numero Cero theatre collective.

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In late 2017, acclaimed Australian playwright and screenwriter Andrew Bovell (Lantana, The Secret River) was invited to be a part of Madrid’s Numero Cero collective who had previously staged his play “When The Rain Stops Falling” in Madrid where it swept up numerous national awards.

Filmmaker Rhys Graham is participating in the workshops in which a new theatrical work – starting from zero – is created through a series of provocations and improvisations. Focusing on the process of creation and working with a playwright at the height of his powers, and Spain’s most interesting theatre artists, this film is both an observation of, and part of the process of creation. The film includes texts, performance, as well as reflections on the artists and their work. It is a playful film that takes us deep into the process of creating a new, challenging work at the highest level.

Self financed to this point we now seek funding to complete the filming of the next stages in April and July.

This independent film creates a bridge across language, culture and the act of creation. It documents the difficult process of generating a major theatrical work while exploring the dance of language between a writer at the height of his powers and his new collaborators.

In an increasingly difficult environment for art documentary, we seek modest help in financing the film to ensure we complete the documentation of the process of taking this new project to the world stage, and to have the resources to take the film to festival audiences.

Director Rhys Graham has screened his feature films and documentaries at prestigious international festivals including Berlinale, Tribeca and Seminci and his installations and live collaborations have appeared at The Barbican Centre, AGNSW and numerous arts festivals.

Fully self financed for the first 3 months of production, the money raised will go directly to production costs associated with filming the documentary for the remaining 3 months.

Donations will be used to finance the loan of production items including camera and sound, and practical daily costs of production – accommodation and travel – throughout the final phases of filming the documentary. Additional modest budget will be provided for the initial post production phase to edit the film.

The process of the film and project can be tracked through the Numero 0 collective on facebook and the filmmaker will provide investors with updated information as production and post production continues as well as updates via their film website.

The final film will be released for festival distribution and then on demand viewing via the internet to ensure the broadest possible audience. Donors can feel confident that the modest amount requested goes directly to the production and finishing of the film with in-kind support to the project being provided by Daybreak Films and Film Camp in Melbourne and Matadero and Numero 0 collective in Madrid.

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Rhys Graham is a filmmaker and writer whose work has traversed fiction feature films, documentary, live theatrical film and installation.

His feature films ‘Galore’ and ‘The Turning’ (co-director) premiered at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival where his short drama ‘Love This Time’ had previously won a Jury Award. His feature documentary collaborations with Natasha Gadd ‘Murundak – Songs of Freedom’ and ‘Words from the City’ won numerous awards and screened across many festivals internationally.

He has collaborated on major projects for Black Arm Band, Melbourne Festival and Malthouse Theatre and his installations have been exhibited in AGNSW, ACMI and Asia Pacific Biennale. His music videos and cultural projects are produced through the production company Daybreak Films.


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