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CRY- an exhibition by Jessi Lewis

This is an exhibition that transgresses the roles of sexuality, whilst challenging the notions of masculinity.

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Stripped of armour to a transparent vulnerability. Individuals in private pain – shared in unexpected spaces. In a poetic silence, these emotions swell, filling up the space between you and I. With each tear we shed, a new layer does emerge. Here we remain, transfixed in a state of flux, translucent beings, waiting and wanting of more.

A visual collaboration between portraiture and performance, Cry is the first foray into portraiture and videography by Melbourne-based performance artist and writer Jessi Lewis. Cry challenges the notion of masculinity, while transgressing the realms of sexuality and asking ‘What role does art assume in this ongoing shift in perception?’ Moving and honest, Cry shows men opening up and revealing their vulnerability through the tears they shed in video portraits.

In an increasingly threatened world, we need conversation and ideas to be put forward that, from the very foundations, shake or in the least questions what society terms as acceptable behaviour.

In CRY, the perceived notion of masculinity and the old adage of “boys don’t cry” being the exact behaviour that is under scrutiny. No matter how much further we continue to progress, we must understand that these times we are currently apart of still see it acceptable that the right to marry be something that is subjected to damaging and public debate,

CRY not only brings these important and pressing subjects under scrutiny, but it also seeks to bring people together in solidarity. Stripped of armour, in this space, these individuals are no longer alone, and now able to share in their vulnerability and not so quite pain.

Your support of this project will cover the production costs, in full. Providing access to professional studios and equipment along with appropriate production resources. We see this project as having the potential for touring beyond Midsumma, so our investments at this time have been chosen on the basis of artistic integrity and a high-level production value.

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Jessi Lewis has been creating solo performance for 13 years nationally and internationally, most recently in Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

Alongside his cross disciplinary solo works are his collaborative explorations with individuals across a broad spectrum of investigative, cultural and creative backgrounds. His work is never comfortable, always challenging the ideals of the mainstream.

Through art he believes that bridges can be built between individuals and communities.


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