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Help me create this album consisting of 26 instrumental pieces, each representing a letter from the alphabet. All of the money made from this album will be donated to the Refugee Migrant Children Centre.

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Your help would support the development and production of my concept album, Alphabet. The album consists of 26 pieces I have composed, each representing a letter from the alphabet. Each piece is able to transition into any other song on the album, allowing anyone to create their own mini album.

Alphabet is a charity album with all proceeds going to the Refugee Migrant Children’s Centre. I have already had drummers, bassists and other musicians volunteer to record, with strings, vocalists, horns, guitarists and pianists all also lined up.

The music I create is difficult to categorise, but can be imagined as a genre influenced by improvisation, electronic dance music, exotica, acoustic-electronic manipulation, experimental structures, videogame/anime scores, break-beat, Ennio Morricone, orchestral works and sound design. Surreal Dance Music.

I am passionately devoted to developing and honing my musical/production abilities, not just for my enjoyment but for the values I believe in. These values revolve around creating cultural change, developing innovative ideas in music and introducing new musical concepts to a wider audience.

Towards my goal for cultural change, the album itself will donate all the money made from online sales directly to Refugee Migrant Children Centre. Creating equal representation of genders and identities in music is also an extremely important part of the process for me, which has initiated a collaboration with the Young Women’s Music Program Melbourne.

Helping me with this project will help me to continue contributing to our culture through the music I create and the people and organisations who I involve within my projects.

Producing, recording and mixing the whole album myself, your donations would assist in the mastering of the album ($2600) & allowing this digital-only release to be heard by as many people as possible through a PR campaign ($2499).

I am consistently trying to improve myself through my music and through reaching these financial goals, the album can be released with professional production finish and increase the chances of giving publicity and donations to the RMCC and giving myself more recognition for the work I’m doing which in turn will help me do more projects like this one.

You can follow my Facebook for project updates and more information about my music in general www.facebook.com/fabrianaruna/

And if you wish to listen to some of my music already released, check out my website https://bit.ly/2Ft5mSw


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Award-winning trumpet player, Fabian Acuna, started his composition career just as a hobby during his time studying classical music at VCASS. Continuing his study through improvisation at the VCA, Fabian released his first album, experimental electronic EP “Mr Kapow” exploring complex rhythm. Then two years later he released a fully orchestrated album involving his 10 piece band Quantum Milkshake, which saw him composing, arranging, mixing and producing the whole thing. Quantum Milkshake has successfully played at Rainbow Serpent, Tanglewood and FRL Festival, whilst his compositions and trumpet performances in the Woohoo Revue and Mortisville have flown him internationally to festivals including Glastonbury (UK) and Eclipse (USA). Fabian is now part of the band formed by International touring artist, Grouch, in which he will be flown to Mauritius to help write his next album with his whole band.

Fabian is passionately devoted to developing and honing his musical/production abilities, not just for his enjoyment but for the values he believes in. These values revolve around creating cultural change, developing innovative ideas in music and introducing new musical concepts to a wider audience.