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To produce and record a collection of Rebetiko Songs, Greek Blues. This recording will include a collection of songs that we’re written in 1920-1940 in Greece. This recording will utilize tradition

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The aim is to produce a album that captures both this music in its true form, but also infusing it with contemporary elements using traditional and modern methods. I intend to record a collection of traditional Greek Songs, which focus on Rebetiko themes- such as migration, refugees and the cultural identity of Australian Greeks. I intend to work collaboratively with local Greek Musicians and also bring in non Greek Musicians such as other contemporary artists and record these works , then aim to release it on the back of a regional tour .

The intention is to Market this product to an external Non Greek Audience. There has been a steady increase of Rebetika in Melbourne. Through all the events I have curated and my two previous releases, both of which were funded by Pozible campaigns. The aim is to strech this outside of the Greek Audience, and focus on the younger third
and fourth generation Greeks and non Greeks. This would include a detailed Marketing strategy surrounding the process of recording, and documenting this and following through to it’s release and subsequent Regional tour.

Having had many years of curating many Greek events and tribute concerts, the music has always been presented in the manner in which it was recorded. This project will present these works in a modern way, infused with the Australian identity crossed with the European sound. This project will enable me to take this music to new markets outside of the traditional Greek Market, exposing it to non Greeks and I hope abroad. The aim of this is to extend on the existing work that has already been done on the back of two Rebetiko Albums. The funds raised from this will enable me to produce and Market a collections of works that fuses Greek Urban music from the 1920’s and fusing this with a modern interpretation.


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First Generation born, Con Kalamaras was raised in Melbourne, parents relocated back to Greece for short time, but ultimately came back shortly after. Con reconnected with his Greek roots four years ago and has since delved into Rebetiko and playing with some of Melbourne’s most notable musicians.

In 2014 Con immortalized this point in his career by recording his debut CD which consisted of a suite of Rebetiko Songs from the 1930’s & 1940’s. He launched his own Pozible campaign to raise the funds to record and release and had exceeded its target within a week. Pre-selling over 500 CDs even before it was completed. The album was launched at Melbourne’s Open Studio to a capacity crowd and had attracted the interest of the wider Community.

Through an exclusively online marketing and word of mouth campaign, the album went on to sell out – over 500 copies sold across Australia, Greece, the UK and the US. Post release, he was invited to play at Brunswick Music Festival, Folk Rhythm and Life Festival, The Boite Series and also perform as part of Liquid Architectures Performance spaces. Con has since produced three concerts at Melbourne’s Caravan Club celebrating the works of Rebetiko Legend Vasillis Tsitsanis to a sold out crowd, the fi

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