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‘Composers in Exile’ on Tour

Peter Coleman-Wright AO and the Nexas Quartet present a regional tour of Composers in Exile. A musical documentary on the Jewish diaspora fleeing the nascent Nazi government.

Days Left

Following critically acclaimed performances of Composers in Exile at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2017, world renowned baritone, Peter Coleman-Wright and the Nexas Quartet are planning an Australian regional tour which will aim to provide world-class cultural enrichment to areas of Australia that don’t often have ready access to high quality productions steeped in both historical and musical context.

In early 2017 Nexas collaborated with Coleman-Wright to produce “Ballades of the Good Life” an ABC Classics CD which featured musicfrom Weimar Republic to World War ll.

They then turned this collaboration into a musical theatre piece, Composers in Exile, which documents the music and the journey of many of Germany’s great Jewish composers who were forced to seek freedom in the four corners of the world. The show follows the journey of these exiles from Berlin and Vienna to New York and beyond with a mixture of political songs from the Weimar period, the musical theatre of Weill, and the cabaret and song from Stolz and Schreker. These songs capture the spirit of the times: defiant, soulful and searching, but also moments of exuberant joy and hope.

“A fascinating glimpse into this period, when music was the language of defiance and protest, as well as of love and beauty in a world on the brink of catastrophe”. Music Trust

Members of the ensemble portray the exiled composers and as such bring to life the turbulent times and the tribulations each endured from the Nazi government. The presentation is further enhanced by fascinating and often haunting images from the period that are projected on the stage behind the performers. The Australian Arts Review labelled it – A presentation which informed the mind while pleasuring the soul.

For this project to succeed, financial help is vital to cover such areas as submissions to arts bodies and regional arts centres, marketing & publicity, transport & accommodation, venue hire.

Critics have been universal in their praise:

“The show actually works for two very good reason. The first is Nexas Quartet, who play their instruments extremely well and perform the entire show.. from memory. The second reason is Coleman Wright, a fine artist who immerses himself convincingly in the spirit of the songs” Stephen Whittington, The Advertiser – Adelaide

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At the forefront of chamber music, Nexas Quartet is focused on promoting the musical diversity of the saxophone by showcasing its versatility and ability to cross genres.

The group’s success comes from a combination of personalities, virtuosic saxophone skills, and their aptitude to program concerts of a wide appeal that has seen the ensemble perform in a multitude of settings as soloists, to collaborations with theatre and dance companies, and other artists and performers.

The creation and championing of Australian music has always been a core goal of Nexas Quartet achieved through collaborations with leading composers. This culminated in their debut album ‘Current’ (released in 2016) featuring the music of Matthew Hindson, Elena Kats-Chernin, and Matthew Orlovich amongst others.

In 2017 Nexas embarked upon a new collaboration with opera star Peter Coleman-Wright resulting in their Weimar-Era themed ABC Classic release ‘Ballades of the Good Life’ (4.5/5 – Limelight Magazine Review)


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