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Commission Opportunity

Esteemed Australian composer Richard Charlton is writing a work for Matt Withers & Acacia Quartet for tour and recording.

Days Left

The work is based on a set of three visual art works by Queensland-based artist Sue Needham called Stormy Seashore.

The composition will be for the brilliant combination of string quartet and classical guitar, to be premiered and toured by Matt Withers & Acacia Quartet on their Imaginations Tour in the second half of 2018 before being recorded by leading sound engineer Bob Scott in Sydney and digitally released by ABC Classics.

I’m asking for donations towards a fee for the composer based on recommended guidelines for a work of this calibre.

Of course, any donation large or small is appreciated.

Supporters who donate figures below will receive their name mentioned (should they desire) as a contributor on the composition itself and in programs on the tour.

$250 – 30 seconds of joy
$500 – 1 minute of pleasure
$1000 – 2 minutes of passion
$1500 – Complete satisfaction

The music of Richard Charlton is greatly admired and a joy to perform. Through generating this great new music, donors can be assured that the wonderful music will reach the ears of audiences around Australia on tour as well as globally once the album is recorded and released.

The generous donations of brilliant supporters such as yourselves, will be used to pay Richard Charlton for his musical work, before toured (hopefully to a town near you!) and recorded by Matt Withers & Acacia Quartet.

Other sponsorship opportunities are available for the ongoing success of the over-all Australian Music Composition Competition so please contact Matt Withers to find out more about any aspect of this project.

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Matt Withers is an ambassador for Australian music, a well-established classical guitar pedagogue, performer and role model for musicians across the country.

His career to date has seen him perform with highly esteemed artists of the likes of William Barton, the Carl Pini Quartet, national orchestras as well as maintaining strong commitments in the leading Australian chamber music groups Guitar Trek alongside Timothy Kain, AM and in The Brew Guitar Duo.

Matt has a strong history of performing, recording and commissioning Australian works from distinguished composers as well as from generational peers. With solo and chamber studio albums released on ABC Classics (Australia) and Soundset Recordings (USA), he thrives on taking this music to wider audiences around the globe.

His entrepreneurial activities include the creation and development of the Matt Withers Australian Music Composition Competition which gives an avenue of support for Australian composers to have their music reach the ears and hearts of their audience.

An entrepreneurial musician – creator of great music.


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