Katrina Vivian

Community Arts & Cultural Development

Colour of Language – Tulipamwe Artist Workshop

Running for 14 days, Tulipamwe, meaning ‘we are together’, is aimed at bringing international artists together allowing each artist an opportunity to both ‘gain and receive’ from the workshop.

Days Left

The workshop will run for 14 days in the middle of the Namib Desert with an exhibition by workshop artists being held at the National Art Gallery of Namibia on the 1st September 2015 as an international platform to show artists work during their stay at Gobabeb.

Tulipamwe Arts Trust is a not for profit, non-governmental organisation, independently funded Community outreach project established in 1994 and as such are limited in the funding for international artists. Having been selected as an Australian representative and as I have limited funding opportunities available, together with being entirely self-funded to make my way to and from Namibia, this project is, in the first instance, a way of raising funds towards my flight, pre and post accommodation in Windhoek. It will also contribute towards some basic materials for my work in Namibia, but it is also about community and working together with people from different cultural backgrounds; contributing towards enriching the local communities during the workshop as a whole, and also individuals, artists with the same passion and dreams.

This workshop is a benefit to many communities on different levels. Having come from a regional area myself, by attending this international workshop I not only enrich myself as an individual but I also enrich the community around me. My attendance at this workshop and the final exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Namibia, lifts myself and my local community to an international level and allows a platform for myself as an artist, and my local community and fellow artists within my community, to shine and to be identified on an international level.


Having grown up in a small village in regional South Australia, Katrina’s interest in art grew throughout travels across Australia and time spent in the United Kingdom from 1998.

Whilst in the UK Katrina explored a number of genres of fine art through studies at College and University; gaining Distinctions with her studies, completing the MA ADAPT (Fine Art) in 2007 at University of Derby, being nominated for a Golden Award of Excellence for her reticulated photographic work ‘Broken Landscape’ and being shortlisted for the prestigious Aesthetica Creative Works Art Award in 2011.

A dialect of response to her travels, people she meets, environments encountered and her homeland, Katrina’s work has been exhibited throughout England in London, Manchester and Birmingham with a solo exhibition Final Solution in Lichfield, Staffordshire 2011.

Since returning to her homeland, South Australia, Katrina work has been directed towards her original medium of painting, and discusses the utilitarian resourcefulness of the Australian bush, its people and their ability to utilise what is at hand, using everyday items such as saw blades and car bonnets as her canvas; inspired from within: a desire to translate a vision or thought into physical form.


Denise Johnson


Art by Tiffany Hoseason-Smith