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COLONY is a science-fiction horror short film set in the future where space colonists arrival on the planet named ‘Heaven’. The story follows sisters, Rhian and Seren, desperate to start a new life.

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Colony is my graduating film for my Masters Degree at the Victorian College of the Arts. Through Colony, I wanted to explore themes surrounding colonisation and carving out a life in a foreign place, through the lens of science-fiction. A story of sisters struggling to survive within an autocratic system lead to the question at the core of this film – do we create our own monsters?

My interest in fiction and science was a foundation to explore the many themes in Colony, and develop the characters which give it life and meaning.

This is a project, a short film, we intend to send to festivals all around the world. Specifically short film festivals that specialise in the science-fiction genre to help us create a project in which we can market, grow with and expand upon into bigger and better things. We have many stories we wish to share and Colony is our start.

This is an Australian story. It is filmed in Australia and has many Australian themes and motifs throughout the film. We cannot deny it, we embrace it. The Australian ‘story’, our cultural identify is very much one at war with a land in which the harshness, the struggle, is inescapable.

However, in Australia we have far more beautiful stories than just those of hardship. With Colony we hope to create evidence of our ability to show just that – stories than resonate, not only to ourselves but to the wider audience. Create things in which we are proud of and want to show all we know.

Our will be shot in Victoria’s incredible coastline and bizarre locations found within Victoria to push a ominous and eerie feeling which the Australian country happily provides.

If we achieve success through international festivals with Colony, this will kickstart our careers as emerging filmmakers.

The budget of the film is daunting. The vast majority of the funds are supplied by myself, however we are looking to raise additional funds to help us complete the film.

In particular, these funds will be broken down into several categories:

SFX Make-Up: The creation of…….can’t tell you what just quite. The funds for SFX Make-Up involve the practical designs and implement of special effects make-up onto characters within the film.

Production Design: Another can’t tell you just quite yet. We have an incredible amount of talent people involved in this project that are creating weird and wonderful creatures and designs for this film.

Logistics and Services: Lugging an army of filmmakers around for a week isn’t particular easy – or cheap! We need some additional funding to help keep all the talent, fed, rested and on their feet to capture what we need to capture as we brace the cold, wind and rain.


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Catherine Bonny is a writer and director in film, based in Melbourne. Originally from Western Australia, Catherine studied a double major in performance studies and screen arts at Curtin University where she graduated with first class honours.

After some work writing, directing, performing and designing in independent theatre in Perth, she was accepted into the Masters of Film and Television Narrative course at the Victorian College of the Arts. To this date she has written and directed several short films and will be graduating from VCA at the end of 2017.




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