Nicholas Denton

Screen & Photography

Collarbone (Working Title) – Short Film

An exploration of the difficulties faced by children supporting their sick parents. An individual’s story that reveals the depths and limits of people’s duty to one another.

Days Left

Luke is desperate to live a normal life, experience things people his age do, have relationships, be free, make mistakes and figure out exactly who he is. But there is something holding him back.


After sending his father into a carers facility, losing his family home and finding himself living out of a backpack, Luke Ryland and his dog Toby have been sleeping in his car in suburban shopping centre parking lot.

When Luke’s car gets robbed and Toby goes missing his world begins to fall apart. As Luke endeavours to find his beloved dog and bring it to his father, a series of increasingly difficult scenarios unfold. Scenarios that challenge him, change him and eventually force him to find the light within his dark reality.


The questions we ask ourselves with this story is: How do children navigate their own lives when there is a responsibility to an ill parent? It’s the gnawing feeling we all have at a young age of trying to break away, but also the feeling of an unconditional responsibility that makes us stay. – There is no right or wrong answer, but this film explores the difficulties in making a decision.


As a collective our team has made various films before; good films (we think), important films, and films that we would say channel our voices onto the screen. Stories that have been be seen all over the world in festivals such as Palm Springs FF, MIFF, San Francisco FF, Raindance and many more. They are stories that are proving that young filmmakers today are breathing fresh life into the Aus Film Industry, and we are hungry to keep going.

In 2019 we will be working with a group of wonderful creatives, most of which are volunteering their time and incredible skill set, to create this beautiful, moving and sometimes very funny film.


I am reaching out for your support for this film. We are busy rifling into our savings, contacting larger organisations and pulling strings to get the funds.

This film is important, and we need to do it right. It requires hard working cast, crew, cameras, lights, sound, editing equipment, make up, costume, locations, catering, etc. After we have finished shooting we have to edit and master the film, and finally we need to get eyes on it. For you, your friends and the rest of the world.

We would love to have you or anyone you think might be interested on board as donors for this project.  Support goes an incredibly long way in this industry, especially of this kind. And remember all donations are tax deductible!

(For those interested in investing, we have a number of incentives available and any way we can help you benefit from this would be our pleasure, please get in touch).

Live Projects


Melbourne born actor/producer Nicholas Denton has been working in the film and theatre industry for the better part of five years.

Nicholas’ interest in the arts spurred in high school and whilst studying at St Martins Youth Theatre. Nicholas continued training at the Atlantic Acting School in New York and has been lucky enough to work under the guidance of teachers and directors such as Marie Dumont (Ecole Jacques Lecoq), Larry Moss, Baz Luhrmann and Anya Saffir (Atlantic Theatre Company).

His performance credits include Glitch/Glitch 2 (Netflix/Match Box Pictures), Holding the Man (HTM Film Prods), and Morman Yankees (Spirit of the Game Pty Ltd). In theatre he has worked with the Melbourne Theatre Company, La Mama Theatre, Studio 505 in Sydney and many more.

As a writer/producer he has shown productions of ‘Out Of Gas On Lovers Leap’ Gasworks Arts Park, Cowboy Mouth, Studio 505 and Glass Menagerie for Melbourne Fringe 2014 to a sold out season. His film productions have screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival, FIKE Barcelona, Flickerfest, Raindance UK, and many more.

His latest short film Pillars in which he wrote and produced recently opened the St Kilda Film Festival to an audience of three thousand.

Nicholas was last seen on stage playing Charlie Bucktin in the Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of Jasper Jones directed by Sam Strong.