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Cinema Reborn 2020

Cinema Reborn is dedicated to presenting an annual season of restored classic cinema drawn from the burgeoning world wide activity of digital film restoration. The 2020 season will take place from 30 April to 3 May 2020.

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Cinema Reborn is presented by a small Organising Committee who, while working on a completely voluntary basis, have long experience as professional film producers, educators, academics, archivists and festival programmers. Thus far two seasons have been presented in 2018 and 2019 and preparations are now underway for a third season to take place at Randwick’s iconic art deco cinema The Ritz. The season will be presented entirely from private resources and income will be almost entirely derived from ticket sales to our growing base of patrons and from donations from key long time supporters and others.

Cinema Reborn intends to create a community of Australian cinephiles who will meet once a year for an intensive and broadranging engagement with the latest in classic film restorations, oral presentations and introductions. It has already been established that a significant proportion of subscription ticket holders and donors will be derived from interstate and out of Sydney locations.

Sydney, unlike other Australian capital cities, has no formal Cinematheque offering year round curated programs of classic cinema. Cinema Reborn seeks to at least partially remedy this lack by presenting a focused season of cinema, balanced according to age, geographical spread and thematic variation. Since it started in 2018 Cinema Reborn has established strong relationships with key Australian film institutions, most notably the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, leading international film archives and the Australian offices of key international producers and distributors. Cinema Reborn represents an opportunity for all of these to increase access to their productions and restorations and expand the audience for them. On a per session basis, attendance in 2019 increased by 19% on what was achieved in 2018. It is anticipated that there will continue to be a steady increase in audience participation. To achieve this it will be necessary to continue to pay substantial film rentals to key international suppliers as recompense for their restoration expenditure.

While we seek to contain costs on all expenditure items, it is not possible at this stage of our event’s development to anticipate that ticket sales will meet all costs. Some institutional financial support will be provided in kind (film rental fees waived being the key factor) we expect to rely on significant donations from a small number of large and many small donors. These donations will enable us to support our activities through the production of a high quality printed program, website and online presence, the former to be sold below cost and to be circulated widely to key international archives, producers, programmers and critics with a view to obtaining their support for our work. Cinema Reborn seeks to become a significant part of a growing world-wide circuit of events and festivals devoted to presentation of classic cinema in high quality digital copies. Already we have some recognition in this field but we seek to significantly increase our international profile over time.

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Cinema Reborn has been developed by community of cinema enthusiasts working on on an entirely voluntary basis. The Members of the Organising Committee are experienced programmers, filmmakers, screen historians and critics.

Cinema Reborn’s focus is on screen heritage and preservation. In its start-up year of 2018, From 3-7 May 2018, Cinema Reborn presented an Opening Night and over the four following days sixteen programs of either recently restored films or, rarer, film archived-sourced film prints. All films at Cinema Reborn will be presented following best practice in the presentation of archival or screen heritage titles, and will reflect the originally intended experience of their creators.

Cinema Reborn is intended to shine a light on the long history of the art of the cinema, the world-wide activity of film restoration and the treasures that exist in the world’s film archives including Australia’s long cinema history.

In order to present the event in properly certified projection conditions we have formed an informal partnership with the Australian Film Television and Radio School, the only venue in Sydney which is fully compliant with international archival standards in all projection formats.