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Chinese Diaspora As Told by a Cello

In his solo debut at Melbourne Recital Centre Alvin Wong tells the stories of Chinese diaspora with his cello through a program of solo cello works. A recorded album of these works will be released later this year.

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Generations of Chinese composers left their homeland to pursue their musical dreams in the West, where they developed their voice while reconciling the multiplicity of their identity. Music that paints pictures of deeply personal journeys is vividly captured in these expressive and heartfelt solo cello works.

This program features solo works composed within the last 25 years by four living Chinese composers across two generations. Over the years I got to know them personally and work with them professionally. Their stories are ones of facing prosecutions, surviving condemnation, overcoming hardship and obstacles, and ultimately achieving success far away from home.

Every work not only tells a unique story in its own right, but also offers a glimpse of the extraordinary personal experiences and circumstances that came along the composers’ lives. Their music is powerful, mesmerising, touching, and at times reach deep into the audience’s soul.

The works I present draw inspirations from some aspects of Chinese history and folk culture that influence China and the people today. The composers skilfully combine Chinese folk tunes with sophisticated Western techniques, expressing themselves through their individual lenses. The music is at times disgruntled, conflicted, episodic, or innocent, hopeful, even celebratory. In many ways, these music depicts the world we live in today and how we tackle with the challenges of seemingly contradicting cultures and believes. They are particularly relatable to people like myself who try to reconcile the confrontations of conflicting identities.

Donations are used in three ways:
– to cover my travel costs and expenses from Germany (where I live) to Melbourne;
– to cover the recording costs of this recital;
– to cover the remaining costs of publishing the recording album of this program.

Flight costs are kindly supported by Hengyi Pacific Pty Ltd.
Accommodation is kindly sponsored by Dr. Anthony Chiu and his family.

All donations are tax deductible.

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Hailed by the press for his “remarkable technical skills,” “hall-filling tone” and “expressive poetry with great intensity,” cellist Alvin Wong has performed across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia, in celebrated venues such as Carnegie Hall, Seoul Arts Center, and Hong Kong Cultural Centre. He has collaborated with eminent musicians such as Philippe Entremont, Ani Kavafian and Jian Wang, among others.

An advocate in new music, Alvin premiered concertos and cello works by Chinese, Australian and American composers, including Grammy and Pulitzer winners such as Aaron Jay Kernis, Zhou Long and Chen Yi. He has appeared regularly in festivals as a featured artist in Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Thailand.

Alvin served on faculty of Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and Connecticut College. He gives regular masterclasses in Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Taiwan and across the United States. Alvin holds music degrees from Eastman and Indiana, and received the Doctor of Musical Arts from Yale University.

In 2015, Alvin founded and directed the Melbourne Cello Festival, which was described by Stringendo as “a huge success…buzzing with excitement from day one!”


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