Timothy Ralph Monley

Opera, Music Theatre & Cabaret

Caves House – Place Of Love

Caves House – a Place of Love, is a captivating cinematic rendering of a unique place in the South West of Western Australia, known to many.

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Tim Monley is an actor, singer, director, screenwriter and musician writing his first feature film musical.

An epic movie musical, taking elements from documentary film to piece together over a century of stories, into a cohesive piece of storytelling, Cave House – Place of Love is a true love letter about one of the South West’s most beloved landmarks. Mention Caves House, Yallingup and you’ll find everyone has a personal connection or memory to share – and I do mean everyone. It has a special resonance in our hearts beyond its’ geographical location.

Beside the Majestic Caves House Hotel, lies Ngilgi cave, where for over one hundred years people have come to visit. To stay at a house built right outside and overlooking the vast magnitude of the Indian Ocean at Yallingup. The cave itself is our hero and narrator, recalling the century of stories and characters he has witnessed, all in an attempt to understand the truth of what love truly is.

What is love? A thing of beauty? An inexplicable force able to corrupt, comfort and coerce? What if a place had love living within it? What if at its heart was a power that affected all those who had visited over the years? What if that place was alive? What if that place was real? The narrators quest to understand love, the interwoven music, the picturesque landscape and true fiction unfolding will captivate audiences, who will leave with a greater appreciation of love and an impassioned draw to discover the setting of our story. Caves House.

Your donation will help bring to life the characters who reveal the many shades of love; from Mr Edward Dawson, the first tour guide of the cave 1899-1937 and Mr Bignell, the first man to start a coach service to the caves and subsequent Caves House Hotel. There’s Molly the ghost who reportedly hung herself from the bridge on lovers’ lane leading to the beach when she discovered her lover with one of her bridesmaids. And many more guests, managers, surfers and politicians’ secrets to discover.

Thank you so much for your support with this project.

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Since graduating from WA Academy of Performing Arts in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theatre, Tim has been working as an actor and singer across film and television including a guest role on ‘Neighbours’, commercials, CD recordings and musicals, including six separate original independent musicals alongside musical director Michael Tyack and in collaboration with Michael Tan.

In 2012, Tim wrote and directed his first film ‘Elliot Winter’ and has been acting, writing, directing, composing, script editing and presenting character development workshops for independent films since 2014 Tim completed a Masters of Professional Communications (Screen Studies) at the WA Screen Academy, specialising in Writing and Directing.

In 2016 Tim wrote ‘Fathom’ an independent short drama tackling depression and suicide in young men, currently screening throughout Australia. Tim’s original songs and moving portrayal of Luke in the lead role have been highly commended by audiences and peers since it launched in Mental Health Week October 2017 hosted by Youth Focus.

Tim is currently working on an original new musical ‘Caves House – Place of Love’.




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