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I’m at the end of my studies and dream of making a final film that has a powerful message to it. My vision is to submit this film into festivals to hopefully turn the heads of many people.

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I am a student currently studying at New York Film Academy and coming to the end of my studies. As a requirement, we need to submit a final film for the semester and like I’ve been doing for the whole time, I’ve been producing films that have a meaning to them. I would like to do my final film justice, delivering a powerful message and hopefully getting the audience thinking and having a different perspective. I will be filming at the end of this month and screening it in the cinemas in September, so my timeline is rather tight.

My project is important not only to me but to anyone who sees it as the meaning I’ve placed behind it is valid for every single person. There’s a certain message I’ve very subtly put that I believe strongly in my heart everyone should watch and listen too. I would highly appreciate and be very grateful for the help as it goes towards my dream of making a difference in society with moving images. I want to be an impact in people’s lives by the messages I put with much thought in place in my films.

The donations I receive will go towards feeding the lovely crew I have to help me out and will also be used in making it a possibility to submit this film into festivals, where hopefully it will gain more publicity. I’m praying for the end result to be global (big dream, I know) but I believe to dream big and keep working towards that dream even if you have to start small. You will be able to follow my journey on this film on an Instagram page I have opened up and soon followed by a Facebook page as well.


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I am a student currently studying a Diploma of Filmmaking at New York Film Academy Australia and am coming to the end of my studies.

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