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Cappuccino Concert is an incredible mix of Classical Music performed by world class musicians to tempt every concert goer. An important part is the commissioning and premiering of new works by Australian Composers.

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Cappuccino Concerts curates Chamber Music Festivals with a vision of making Classical Music accessible for people from all walks of life.
Our point of difference is the use of Intimate venues allowing world class musicians to be up close and interact with the audience.

The aim of Cappuccino Concerts is to host Festivals across the year, creating performance opportunities for Professional Musicians both Local and International.

Cappuccino Concerts hosts Chamber Music Festivals in Perth and Albany creating an incredible mix of Classical Music to tempt every concert goer. All concerts performed by musicians of the highest calibre. The Festivals attract the Commissioning and Premiering of new works by many Australian composers. Cappuccino Concerts vision of encouraging commissions, has built a strong following for hosting some of the countries greatest musicians programming the best of Classical Music

Donations will enable Cappuccino Concerts to pay a professional fee to musicians of the highest calibre while making tickets prices affordable for people of all walks of life. As a result there is a better chance of increasing the exposure of Classical Music to a broader audience including the younger generation and engaging with the regional audience. Donations allows us to Commission and Premier new works by Australian Composers and to programme world class music concerts that is accessible to everyone.
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Cappuccino Concerts Australia is responsible for the execution of Chamber Music Festivals in Western Australia.

Formed 10 years ago by Artistic Director Irina Vasilieva and today operated in conjunction with husband Rob Cowell, the organisation provides a platform for many local and international artists to perform in an intimate setting.

Some of the many highlights of Cappuccino Concerts has been hosting international artists such as Michael Kieran Harvey and Ashley William Smith, right the way through to Premiering works by local composer Lachlan Skipworth.

Today Cappuccino Concerts is credited for its professional approach to hosting high level Classical Music that is accessible to all.


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