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Canberra Writers Festival 2017

Canberra Writers Festival is a major event in the ACT and on the national literary events scene. From Aug 25 – Aug 27, a mixture of free and ticketed world class literary events will be showcased for public entertainment.

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Canberra Writers Festival is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to producing a world-class annual literary festival in Australia’s national capital.

In our first year the Canberra Writers Festival supported over 101 Australian and international authors, writers and thinkers and provided them the opportunity share their work and connect with audiences in the unique setting of our national cultural institutions around Canberra.

We produce a mixture of free and ticketed events, for all age groups, showcasing talent across some of Australia’s most iconic locations. Canberra Writers Festival aims to promote and draw upon unique qualities and values of Canberra, a city with a strong affinity for reading and writing to build a strong connection to the local literary, academic, business, media and political communities.

Your important contribution supports all areas of the Festival, including author fees, travel and accommodation for Festival guests, production costs and venue hire.

Ongoing support is vital to ensure the Canberra Writers Festival continues to develop and grow its internationally-recognised programming and is able to offer free entry to at least a quarter of Festival events.

More than half of our annual income comes to us through partnerships, philanthropy and donations.  We ask that you help us to create a Festival that promotes discussion, develops a culture of ideas exchange, and encourages public dialogue on the role of media and free speech in our current cultural climate. Please donate today.

Canberra Writers Festival strongly maintains our intention of being local in character but international in outlook. Once again this year, the Festival is set to feature a variety of local, national and international authors, novelists, screenwriters and other notable individuals, showcasing varied ideas, passions and creations to a wide public audience.

The 2017 CWF Program is already happy to announce Charlotte Wood and Madeleine Thien as participating guests. For more information and programming releases in the near future, please visit and subscribe to our mailing list to be kept in the loop!

Authors that have previously featured on the CWF ticket however include the likes of: Yann Martel, A.C Grayling, Rosalie Ham, Isobel Carmody, Cal Flyn, Eimear McBride etc.