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‘Camp Cuplet’ is a 4-day residential workshop for poets in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle. It is a side-project of the new Cuplet Poetry Night, a monthly event in Newcastle run by Claire Albrecht.

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In August 2018, I began Cuplet Poetry Night – a monthly night of high-quality poetry in Newcastle NSW featuring local, interstate and international artists. The event rapidly became popular and is now attracted critically acclaimed poets from across Australia and visiting internationals.

I now plan to extend Cuplet and make it more than just a monthly poetry night. The idea is to offer an annual 4 day residential program in the Hunter Valley, offering workshops with successful poets and editors as well as writing sessions and networking.

There are some writing residencies of this style in NSW, but none to my knowledge focus on poetry. It is important for our poets to have a strong network and sense of community, as well as access to industry support and critical advice.

Cuplet is a new group and operates off donations, as well as start-up funding received from the University of Newcastle which has gone towards the publishing of a 2018 anthology through Puncher & Wattmann.

With your support, I can develop the project and turn it into something sustainable and capable of receiving larger, ongoing grants from arts funding bodies.

The funds will be used to offset accommodation costs for up to 13 guests and 2 workshop leaders at an affordable venue in the Hunter Valley which can cater for such an event. It will also cover the cost of coach transport to and from Newcastle.

The payment for workshop fees will also be covered by the donations received through the ACF, as well as food and refreshment for guests.

Without ACF support, this project may not happen. It’s a big output for a small group, but with this inaugural program, fees paid by participants can go towards the cost of a 2020 program, thus ensuring a sustainable annual event.


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CLAIRE ALBRECHT is writing her PhD in Poetry at the University of Newcastle. Her current work investigates the connections between poetry/photography and sex/politics. Claire’s poems appear in Cordite Poetry Review, Overland Literary Journal, Plumwood Mountain, The Suburban Review and elsewhere. Her manuscript sediment was shortlisted for the 2018 Subbed In chapbook prize, and the poem ‘mindfulness’ won the Secret Spaces prize. Her debut chapbook pinky swear launched recently and is sold out, for the moment. Claire edited the 2018 Cuplet Anthology ‘The Clambake’.

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