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Bus Projects is part of Victoria’s renowned Artist-Run sector. Established in 2001, we are an integral element of Australia’s arts-ecology; created for artists, by artists.

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Guided by the creativity of the artists that administer and exhibit within the organisation, Bus Projects has forged a uniquely open and non-hierarchical approach to commissioning, producing and presenting art.

Rooted in our rich multi-ethnic and multi-cultural community, we are a convergence point for a multiplicity of artists and audiences. From this context we produce exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops, forums, research and publishing.

Our programs are driven by an artist-centred philosophy that remains relevant throughout an artist’s career. We give primacy to artists decision-making and recognise the need to support the process and presentation of creative works.

Each year Bus Projects strives to raise income from a variety of public and private funding sources.

However, we still rely on significant support from individual artists to sustain our operations. We are reaching out to individual patrons to invest in artists through Bus Projects’ Supporters Program.

Your support will directly help artists to develop and present their work, and involve them in programs that engage diverse communities.

As an active supporter you contribute to our sustainability while increasing our ability to invest in artists. You’ll be amazed at what we can do with event the most modest amounts however your level of giving will have different impacts:

“Visionarys” who give at $5000 will connect artists to the world! You are making a game-changing donation that will allow us to send an artist on an international residency or host an international artist in Melbourne.

“Artist Benefactors” who give at $2000 invest in artists! You will be guaranteeing the payment of artist fees that are so vital to sustaining artists livelihoods when making significant new works.

“Exhibition Patrons” who give at $1000 make new exhibitions happen! You will have a direct impact on our ability to commission artists and curators to produce new work.

“Programme Supporters” who give at $250 connect artists with communities! Donating at this level results in an education, workshop, discussion, or performance program.


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Bus Projects is an independent arts organisation dedicated to supporting the critical, conceptual and interdisciplinary practices of Australian artists.

In addition to its core gallery-based program of exhibitions, events and residencies, Bus Projects collaborates with a range of artists and arts organisations to produce projects off-site and within the public realm.


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