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Burger Town

Burger Town is a short film about a ghost stuck in limbo within the confines of the hospital grounds she died in, and her struggles to overcome her obsession with the unreachable fast food joint across the road.

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Mary has been stuck in limbo for over 80 years. She’s tried her hardest to be a good and selfless ghost, but nothing ever seems to help her get closer to heaven. So why bother trying anymore? What’s stopping her from risking it all by crossing the hospital grounds to the delicious burger joint across the road and sinking her teeth into a tasty beef paddy? …besides the demons that will drag her down to hell that is.

I’m a passionate filmmaker focused on creating stories with lead female protagonists that promote outside of the box thinking and explore imaginative concepts. I naturally lean towards the genre of Dark Comedy, bringing to light social and emotional issues that may seem taboo. I believe poking fun at our insecurities and emotional pain is an amazing way to cope, learn and heal. After all, “We’re all a little bit mad” says the Cheshire cat.

Burger Town is currently in pre-production with filming due to start in October. Any donations made to the project will help cover travel, production design and catering for cast and crew during the five-day shoot. Your donation will help produce a professional product aimed towards the 2019 film festival circuit, as well as support the next generation of filmmakers. More importantly, you will be gifting me the opportunity to make my mark in an industry that is heavily male-dominated and help change the tiring misconceptions of what women can bring to the table.


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Up and coming writer/director currently in my last year of film school where I will be graduating with a degree in Screen Production.

I am driven and focused on creating stories with lead female protagonists which promote outside the box imaginative concepts.


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