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BRINK is an artist-led festival celebrating diverse cultures, amplifying fringe voices, and supporting local artists. An independent artist-led, grassroots festival: a seed planted in Fremantle WA; an idea that’s growing

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BRINK Festival is entertainment free of fossil fuel sponsorship and packed with quality, fun, engaging shows. From 21-29 March 2021, we bring artists, venues and audiences together for the sake of a healthy, thriving arts industry – and planet!

Last year, myself and like-minded arts workers came up with a plan to put our best foot(print) forward and walk the talk. Every choice we make can change the world and now we have the festival we’d love to see and to support. We’ve worked hard to make into a safe, generous and welcoming experience; where a general audience enjoys quality performances that align with their ethical values of a sustainable future and inclusivity. We’ve brought together a variety of shows from music, comedy, dance, poetry children’s theatre, interactive performance and storytelling with a diverse group of established and emerging artists. Many suffered loss of income during COVID and can’t wait to perform live again. Through BRINK we’re giving them that chance.

We’d love the whole of Perth and Fremantle to know about our great BRINK Festival. Help us market this exciting venture to bring up-to-the-minute, fun, entertaining and engaging performances to you through our ethical and sustainable arts practice. City of Fremantle Council supported BRINK with a small grant. Please help our BRINK crew build on this and deliver great local entertainment.

Our confirmed shows are assisted by a BRINK Artist Liaison who connects them with our subscribers and helps to promote their show under the Festival brand. After a year of little opportunity for artists, we agreed they will receive most of the box office revenue (up to 90%). The Artist Liaison, the Core Team and our Marketing Team are working part-time for little or no pay and we’d love to reward everyone for their efforts. Your contribution helps us be more secure and better able to promote our BRINK shows to a wider audience, and make our festival a unique, safe, generous and welcoming place.

BRINK’s shows vary from theatre, music, comedy, dance, poetry, children’s theatre, interactive performance and storytelling – something for everyone! Our wonderful and committed artists reflect our community in all its glorious diversity, with both established and emerging artists who are from many backgrounds including Noongar, migrant, culturally diverse and the LGBTIQ+ communities.

Our headline act is Richard Walley’s ‘Six Seasons Songs with Junkadelic Brass Band’: a unique celebration of our south west home and the Noongar knowledge and culture that’s existed here for tens of thousands of years.

Plus, there’s ‘The Rehearsal’ a social sculpture by Theatre by the Sea, legendary entertainer Tomas Ford with his ‘Bad Frenz Club’, Kavisha Mazzela’s ‘Empty Sky Cosmic Cabaret’, the fun children’s theatre show ‘Chicken Licken’, eco-poetry and storytelling nights, and much more.

Check out our BRINK Website – or follow us on Instagram (brink_wa) or Facebook (@brinkWA)

Brink Festival does not accept donations from companies directly benefiting from fossil fuel extraction.

A founding member of BRINK Festival and the Fossil Fuel Free Arts Network (FFFAN), Vivienne advocates for ethical and sustainable financial support for the arts.

Her plays have been produced / developed in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, and Europe and have won prizes and been shortlisted in Australia, UK and USA. Plays available online: Australian Plays:

She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Western Australia. She has been awarded writing residencies including Bush Retreat for Eco-Writers Residency (BREW), NSW; Djerassi Resident Artist Program, California; Cummins Theatre, Merredin, WA; & The Arts Catalyst, London.

Vivienne’s poetry is published in anthologies and literary magazine, and in 2 solo collections: The Softness of Water (Sunline Press), and A Simple Rain (Lethologica Press).

She’s co-editor of “Letters to Our Home: creative reflections on the climate crisis” available from Mulla Mulla Press –

She works with Sudanese writer, Afeif Ismail, co-transcreating his poems and plays into English, including the 2011 AWGIE-nominated The African Magician.
A professional actor, Vivienne has also performed in UK, Europe, USA.


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