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Blue Harbour productions is a new company based within the Sydney market. Our vision is to focus entirely on the beauty of story telling,

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Blue Harbour Productions (BHP) is a production company that focuses on releasing new Australian works and performing classic dramas.

Our first production of 2019 will be “Alive at Williamstown Pier” by Neil Cole. We chose this play to continue the discussion about mental health, particularly around bipolar personality disorder.

BHP will focus this production on showing the real side of the mental illness and helping the audience understand what so many people go through every day.

With your contribution you will be adding to the overall discussion, and giving us the best opportunity to help raise awareness and educate people in the same process, we will be hosting eight shows so we can maximise our impact.

Our focus is to help make dreams a reality, that means we are giving actors that haven’t worked professionally before or within the last 12 months the opportunity to help build their career, as well as giving back to the community.

We aim to build one of Sydney’s biggest theatre companies that gives its members the ability to help decide what shows will be played throughout the season. This is truly the first of its kind within Sydney.

We will be focusing on telling the best stories in a way that will bring people back to the theatre, and will look to keep ticket pricing to an affordable level so that non theatre goers will be interested to try something new.

The money raised from you will go towards the overall cost of this production, this means you will be helping us pay our artists at a professional rate, staging a good looking production, advertise the show.

That’s not all, as your donation will also allow those who live too far away to attend the theatre, access to view our production via stream. This will be a constant for all future productions, we want our reach to be so inclusive that no one will miss out. Thanks to you this can become a reality.

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Hello, my name is Richard Tonkin. My Journey as an artist began 5 years ago, when I decided to show my children that anything in life is possible.

I attended the Sydney Theatre School where I completed an Advanced Diploma Arts (Acting.) At the moment I am launching my own theatre company, in the hope of expanding the theatre to communities that aren’t necessarily engaged in the arts; also showing my children that you can achieve your goals in life.

I wish to focus my company (Blue Harbour Productions) around communities, which means we will be giving the community a say over what productions we produce. With a focus on story telling, we will be delivering some truly remarkable moments that will have people talking for years after show.

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