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Brett Smith: Fine Arts Masters, Iceland

I’ve been invited to develop a large-scale choral project as part of a Masters in Fine Arts (Performance) at the Iceland University of the Arts, and I need your support!

Days Left

“…a beautiful, dramatic explosion of emotion and music. It’s up to the audience to decide what it’s all about, while they’re soaked, heart to skin, in incredible sound.”

The opportunity

Using my experience as a composer and musician, I want to explore how music and sound can be used as a way to alter space.

So what’s Iceland got to do with this? I’ve been invited to do a Masters of Fine Arts (Performance) at the Iceland University of the Arts in Reykjavik. The IUA is renowned as a progressive arts hub, a stimulating and innovative melting pot of theatre, dance, music and design.

The course will enable me to dissect and interrogate my project, while collaborating with a range of acclaimed mentors to bring it to life.

The project that I’m seeking funds for is a large scale choral work that explores how sound might create new areas to explore chronology and age. Asking the question; is it possible to create an experience that creates the feeling of being lost in time?

The ambition

This project has been bouncing around in my head for some time, but pulling off a mass choir project is no mean feat. The IUA will help me to develop my composition skills further and guide me through creating a work of such scale.

This experience will improve my capacity to work with diverse communities as a self-producing artist, which will help me to develop sustainability, longevity and flexibility in my practice.

What you may not know is that choral music in Iceland is extremely popular. In fact, it has one of the highest propensities per capita of choirs in the world. This seems like a bit of a sign – given the focus of my project.

The goal

A masters degree isn’t cheap, nor is relocating to another country (especially when the country is one of the most expensive cities in the world). Your donation will be used to contribute to the cost of the course, along with flights, instrument freight costs, initial accommodation costs and health insurance required for temporary residency in Iceland. Ultimately, your donation will enable me to focus entirely on my project.

The masters will culminate in a public performance of the work (which you’ll all be invited to – Reykjavik is a beautiful place to visit, especially in Summer!) But if you can’t make it over there, I’ll aim to bring the piece to Australia and engage with professional and community choirs to re-create the work.

Please consider supporting my work, I am incredibly grateful for any donation, large or small.

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Brett Smith is a sound designer, composer and performer whose practice explores immersive sound environments and theatricality in the hope of conveying states of joy and transcendence.

A 2011 WAAPA graduate, Brett was the recipient of the Bendat Family Trust Scholarship for musical excellence and utilised the funding to study improvisation and composition with Tony Malaby, Miguel Zenon, Ellery Eskelin and Angelica Sanchez in New York, as well as Marin Pavon in Barcelona.

Brett was a 2014/2015 emerging artist with Black Swan and participant in the inaugural 2016 PIAF emerging artists lab. His first installation and performance work ‘When you’re here, I’m nowhere’ was curated in Proximity Festival 2015 at the Art Gallery of WA.
In 2017, Brett received an Australian Arts Council Professional Development grant, which he is currently using to learn from Broadway sound designers to create a new immersive performance work with visual artist Tarryn Gill and theatre-maker Kathryn Osborne.

As a composer and sound designer, he has worked with Black Swan State Theatre Company, Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), The Last Great Hunt, Riptide Youth Theatre Company, Chrissie Parrot, Michael Whaites, Emma Fishwick, Isabella Stone.