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Brain on Nature Podcast Season 2: Kids

Your Kids Brain on Nature is a social impact audio documentary revealing how getting children and teens back outside can change their brains. It combines sound-rich, intimate story-telling with cutting-edge research.

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Your Kids’ Brain on Nature is a six-part social impact audio documentary. The narrative nonfiction series will be published as a podcast and available to listen to for free on all podcast apps and our website. You’ll hear intimate, personal stories about young people and their families whose behaviour, emotions and reactions have been transformed through getting outside into the natural world. These stories will be interspersed with interviews with researchers and educators working in an emerging field of neuroscience, medicine and social science.

Kids’ on Nature is the second season of the highly acclaimed podcast series Brain on Nature.

Children and teenagers are spending less time outside and more time on screens, yet research has found nature can be the antidote to this modern addiction. As we face a climate emergency, getting kids back outside will encourage them to care for the environment and become the next custodians of the natural world.

In this podcast series, we will meet babies, children and teenagers and their families, and hear stories about how experiences with nature have impacted their lives and changed their brains. We’ll meet a mother who feared that her two sons, aged 7 and 10, would end up dead or in jail. After an experience in a nature experience program, they were transformed. The boys are now mentors for the program themselves.

We’ll look at how connection to land and nature is at the heart of traditional Australian Indigenous culture, and explore how urban Aboriginal kids are sometimes missing out.

The podcast will also ask important questions about equity and access. Many outdoor schools and programs for kids are private, limiting them to those who can afford it. What do public schools have available? Is there an issue with parents worrying about their kids getting dirty and climbing trees?

Sarah and Olivia invested thousands of unpaid hours to make Brain on Nature season one, and Sarah used her personal savings to hire a sound designer and graphic designer. It’s impact is demonstrated in strong audience numbers and positive media coverage from around the world.

The $100,000 would cover six months of wages for producers Sarah Allely and Olivia Rosenman, as well as a sound designer/engineer and graphic designer, travel and research expenses, and a small marketing budget. We are actively seeking other sources of funding, but this amount would allow us to commit to making the project this year.

The end result will be a listening experience that takes the audience on an immersive sound narrative journey while educating people about what nature can do for kids’ brains.

The podcast will foster appreciation of the natural world and in turn increase care and respect for our bush, beaches, and parks.

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We are independent audio producers passionate about telling stories using visceral sound to bring the listener into the intimate worlds we create. We want to continue our successful creative partnership and produce a second season of our critically acclaimed podcast, Brain on Nature.

We met when we ended up on the same team at a podcast quiz night. We hit it off and within a year we were working together on Brain on Nature. We spent countless hours working on the podcast together, sitting under the pecan tree in Sarah’s garden and at Olivia’s dining room table eating freshly baked bread.

Olivia is an award-winning audio producer and journalist. Her work’s publishers include History Lab, ABC, Google, Monocle, Bauer Media, and Newscorp. She consulted with SBS on podcast best practise.

Sarah is an audio producer and journalist. Her career has spanned print, TV, radio and digital but she now focuses on audio. She produced Insight on SBS TV, reported for Fairfax papers and freelanced as a music correspondent. Sarah created, wrote and produced Brain on Nature – her first podcast.

We are committed to the craft of audio documentary and are trying to turn our practice into a sustainable pursuit.


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