Daley Rangi

Community Arts & Cultural Development

Bondi To Bundanon

Daley King is undertaking two weeks of touring/residency in NSW, with a focus on disability and identity; Hold Your Breath (Count To Ten) presented at Bondi Feast, and development of two new plays at Bundanon Trust.

Days Left

Over a fortnight in July, Daley will travel to New South Wales with three specific aims; his performance work Hold Your Breath (Count To Ten) will have its Sydney premiere at Bondi Feast, he will develop two new plays during a ten-day residency in the Gonski Studio at Bundanon Trust, and he will meet with theatre industry leaders in Sydney to discuss their strategies in tackling the complexities of accessibility and ensuring future diversity of humans, stories, and experiences, both on- and off-stage.

We’re looking to offset the costs of this tour, in regards to travel and accommodation; currently the project is entirely self-funded with some in-kind support from Bundanon Trust.

Frank discussion of mental/neurological disorders is still taboo in Australia, and we’d like to play a part in continuing the conversation. Despite much discussion in the theatre industry about representation of queer and disabled bodies and stories on-stage, there is still a lack of active presentation and action.

Hold Your Breath (Count To Ten) received rave reviews during its 3-week development season at The Blue Room Theatre, and has proved to be an important exploratory work for community members with lived experiences of mental and neurological disorders, and those family and friends who support them. We’d love your help to bring this work to new audiences over east.

Praise for Hold Your Breath (Count To Ten): “…(the show) is the honest conversation with a man of the arts you never knew you needed. It might just make you shout Eureka! when you do.” 4.5 Stars – The Fourth Wall.

Bundanon Trust has also offered a studio for ten days, where two important new works will be developed exploring disability and queer identity and the intersection of the two – Curiosity (exploring human loneliness, autism, and the wider universe), and Lipstuck (exploring the social, cultural, and historical influence of lipstick, based on Daley’s own gender non-conformity, and documented experiences of female, trans, and non-binary stories, collaborating online with other artists.)

As discussed above, all donations will be used to off-set costs of travelling over east, so any show profits can go towards the artist, putting it towards the further development of diverse storytelling:

$500 will go towards covering some flight costs, return.
$350 will go towards covering some accommodation costs, both in Sydney, and Bundanon. (Bundanon Trust has provided $875 in-kind, $350 in still needed to cover the rest of the residency costs.)
$150 will go towards show remount costs, including a large, well-made tarp so water can be used in the show, new bathers for the performances, and several small props including a mop.

Any donations exceeding our $1000 goal will be used to explore the possibility of hiring an AUSLAN interpreter for one of our shows at Bondi Feast.

If you cannot or do not wish to donate to this particular project, please feel free to show your support by sharing our event page to draw audiences to our Bondi season, or actively support organisations such as Accessible Arts.


Daley Rangi is an eclectic, queer performance artist, theatre maker, and stage manager; raised in Perth, he was born in New Zealand, with Māori heritage.

Exploring the outer limits of performance through his personal experiences with bipolar disorder and autism spectrum disorder, he generates unpredictable and uncomfortable art in a celebration of chaos.

Daley creates socially-engaged, politically-charged performance works examining the elusive fringes of society and the furthest corners of humanity. These include manic solo puppet show I’m Not Alright, environmental underwater satire ‘TANK’ and thought-provoking artistic introspection ‘Hold Your Breath (Count To Ten)’. Brutally honest in his observations of the world, he fuels his writing and art with the darkest of humours and has been described as “rewriting the rule book”.


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