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BK Opera 2019 Season – Love is Blind

In 2019, BK Opera continues their award-winning work, creating unique and innovative opera. With your help, we can continue to provide important performance and training opportunities for emerging singers.

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Inspired by black-box theatre, BK Opera aims to strip back opera to its emotional core, providing an innovative perspective on this timeless artform. Their 2019 season continues their unique approach with dark and intimate versions of well-known operas.

Rossini is known for his fast-paced story lines, full of farce and comedy. Can our singers match his pace and learn a one-act opera in only 4 days?

Starring two of Australia’s finest singers, BK Opera presents an enhanced concert performance of this stunning Bartok opera. Combining electronic music, dance and sculpture, this production cannot be missed.

Set it in the salons and cafés of 1950s Paris, BKO brings this classic Puccini opera back to its bohemian roots, focusing on the naivety and innocence at the core of the piece.

BK Opera provides emerging singers with important opportunities to learn stagecraft and develop roles. Throughout the rehearsal periods, we hold workshops designed to help our singers work on character development, as well as continual coaching to help them learn the skills required to make it as a professional opera singer.

With your support, we can continue to give young singers these opportunities at no cost to them. Most of our performers are students or recently graduated and need to work to support themselves. We work around their schedules to make sure they don’t need to compromise their living conditions to pursue their dreams.

Your support also pays for one of Melbourne’s finest repetiteurs, Pam Christie. With more than 20 years experience with Opera Australia, Pam provides valuable insight into the opera world, as well as individual coaching to our singers. Her dedication to helping emerging singers cannot be overstated.

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible through ACF and will contribute to the costs of opera production for our 2019 season. These costs include costuming, rehearsal costs and paying our talented pianists and creative team. Your donation also helps to keep our ticket prices low, to help make opera accessible to everyone.

You can share in BK Opera’s ambition by supporting these daring productions through tax-deductible donation:

Maestro Patron $5,000
Soprano Patron $2,000 – 4,999
Tenor Patron $500 – 1,999
Ensemble $100 – 499

Your contribution enables us to create valuable opportunities for developing and emerging young artists in Melbourne. Thank you for your support!

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BK Opera was created to focus on stagecraft, to help emerging singers create real characters with depth.

We focus on the “bare bones” of the opera, stripping away the usual pomp and circumstance to find the raw emotion at the heart of these pieces.​

No sets. No props. No microphones.

Just beautiful music and amazing singers.


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