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Hades Fading

A new vocal and visual performance by Melbourne/Bandung collaboration Mainteater, presented in Melbourne’s Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts (AsiaTOPA) with La Mama, 2020. Hades Memudar reflects on the potential

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Hades Fading – Hades Memudar is a new contemporary vocal and visual theatre work by Melbourne and Bandung collaboration Mainteater to be presented in Melbourne’s Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts (AsiaTOPA) with La Mama in February 2020.

The creative collaboration includes Melbourne based musician and vocalist Ria Soemardjo and Bandung based Sisca Gunzeng Harp leading the sound and vocal collaboration with Mainteater performers, costume and set designer Emily Barrie (Melbourne), bamboo and video mapping artist Deden Bulqini and lighting designer Aji Sangiaji (Bandung) collaborating on design with Melbourne based writer/theatre maker Sandra Fiona Long, long term Mainteater collaborator and multi-lingual theatre consultant Jodee Mundy, producers Kath Papas (Melbourne) and Osi Presepti (Bandung), and a production team across Bandung and Melbourne.

Hades Memudar re-imagines the mythical realm of Hades as a last vestige of human imagination fading away in post apocalyptic times, reflecting on the division caused by belief .

This work expands Mainteater’s unique innovation in cross cultural and multi-lingual performance by experimenting with and developing our vocal approach to multi-lingual performance and the vocal capacity of performers, and developing our form to use integrated surtitles and live feed as a rhythmic and textural layer to the work.

We are raising money for the final development in the City of Melbourne during February 2020, refining the multilingual elements of the work with consultant Jodee Mundy while engaging in partnerships through the AsiaTOPA festival and APAM as part of AsiaTOPA, then presenting at La Mama theatre as part of the AsiaTOPA. Alongside the performance Mainteater will hold a panel discussion about international creative collaboration and producing with La Mama and is in discussion about the possibility of running workshops.

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Mainteater in Bandung has collaborated with Sandra Fiona Long and other Melbourne based artists for over 20 years creating contemporary theatre accessible across cultures and languages, navigating themes of consumerism, environmental destruction and isolation. Projects together include tri- lingual performance ‘Happy 1000 1000 Bahagia’ which won the Melbourne Fringe award for ‘Innovation of Form’ and Green Room nominee ‘Innovative New Form’ touring 5 Indonesian venues, ‘The Wind in Bminor’ at LaMama, following a month long residency at Albury’s Hothouse Theatre, 2012 participation in the International Festival of Literatures in Translation Melbourne with La Mama, 2015 
tour of ‘Urat Jagat (Veins of the Universe)’ in 6 Indonesian venues and performance of ‘Microcosm’ at the State Library of Victoria for the Mapping Melbourne Festival 2015. In 2017 Mainteater held a student exchange in Indonesia and Australia during AsiaTopa also at La Mama.


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