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Banyuwangi: Personal Structures Venice

This project supports my participation in PERSONAL STRUCTURES, GAA Foundation, Venice Biennale, 2019 to be curated by Tony Bond with an essay by Natalie King. The body of work titled BANYUWANGI will be displayed.

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As a gay man and an ex-muslim Indonesian and Australian artist, my practice aims to create a living, active dialogue between traditional and contemporary Javanese culture, contemporary urban street life, self portraiture and contested landscapes. I have been invited to participate in the ‘Personal Structures’ exhibition in Venice and I am seeking funds to cover art work freight, an airfare, accommodation and exhibition fees (E15,000). The event will attract 600,000 plus visitors from around the world.

This project aims to represent a South East Asian/Australian voice in Venice. And as a young practitioner, I need help in order to participate in the exhibition. I am asking for funds sufficient to provide for freight and travel costs and to cover all fees. The work exists already (printed and framed) and that will be my contribution.

All donations will be used to fund the project. This includes freight, travel, accommodation and the exhibition fee. The work to be exhibited exists already and has been funded by myself.

The potential exhibition of my work within such a significant and far reaching international context is an invaluable one for my own practice and more widely for the contemporary visual arts in Australia. Recently, both Reko Rennie and Mike Parr have exhibited in this context. I am proud to be selected as an Indonesian/Australian artist.

For further information please see the GAA Foundation Website:
Also, more particularly from my representing gallery: Kronenberg Mais Wright.


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I am an emerging artist who works in photography and video. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from the University of New South Wales Art and Design (previously, COFA) completed in 2013. I achieved a High Distinction average in my Fine Arts Degree.

As a gay and an ex-muslim Indonesian, my practice aims to create a living, active dialogue between traditional and contemporary Javanese culture, urban street life and landscape.

I have performed various ‘characters’ from traditional Javanese stage performance and engaged in performative self portraiture by incorporating juggling and balancing acts, both in photography and video work. My work functions as performance documentation in personalising the characters, both in term of aesthetics and gesture.

In addition, my work aims to translate the philosophical, politic and poetic content of these traditional Javanese epic stories through the genre of contemporary self-portraiture.


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