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Banff Winter Residency

In January and February of 2020, Liam Wooding (NZ) and Molly Collier-O’Boyle (AUS) will be travelling to Banff (Alberta, Canada) for a month long creative intensive at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

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Liam and Molly are both emerging contemporary classical musicians based in Melbourne, Australia. They have had the pleasure of working and growing together as an ensemble since they met in 2017 at the Australian National Academy of Music. Participating in this residency, they will be focussing on three projects.

Liam as an individual will be working on a new album of work composed by Michael Williams (NZ), and this residency will give him the space to rehearse and premiere his work which includes the use of western instruments, pre-recorded tabla and traditional maori instruments. Molly will be working on her master’s exegesis which explores curation through creative collaboration and interpersonal composer-performer relationship’s. She will be recording recently commissioned music including composer such as Louis Stevens (AUS) as well as collaborating in curating concert experiences at the centre. Together, they will be performing an expansive range of Australian and New Zealand work’s for viola and piano.

Between us, we have established a common ground for our interest for contemporary ideas and styles and how the world around us can influence our musical practice through a variety of art forms. We seek to embody the idea of the “21st-century musician”; a musician we define as someone who is continuously in pursuit of new skills outside of their “performance” skills set, as well as honing in on the skills required for the craft itself.

We believe that the future of music making will be carved out by seeking new ways of doing things, and we endeavour to employ divergent and creative thinking with respect to presentation in programming, and creatively collaborate with artists in and outside of Western Art Music to produce work that will cause conversation with audiences beyond the concert stage. This residency gives us an opportunity to work to achieve our goals as artists and performers, and allows us to also give voice to the incredible music being written in Australia and New Zealand in an international setting.

Donations received during this campaign will contribute to all costs associated with this trip, including travel to Canada (plane and bus transfers) and program fees (accommodation, food and course fees for the residency itself). This residency gives space for both of us as individuals and as a duo to work on these projects in a place of inspiration and creativity.

We aspire to emerge having grown as performer’s and creatives, so that we can bring back the knowledge and skills we have learnt in Banff to bring as concert experiences to audiences in New Zealand and Australia. To follow our journey, you can follow both Molly and Liam’s websites for tour and performance updates at and

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Molly Collier-O’Boyle is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist. Through working as a curator and performer she aims to mix genres together whilst combining different artistic mediums in a variety of concert experiences.

She completed her Bachelor of Music in Advanced Performance in 2015 (Queensland Conservatorium of Music) and in 2016 her Graduate Diploma in Music Performance (University of Queensland). This is her second year studying viola at the Australian National Academy of Music.

Molly has performed in festivals such as the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, Canberra International Music Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and was a curator for Brisbane’s successful arts event series Paint it Red.

In 2017 Molly was Principal Viola of the Australian Youth Orchestra and was a recipient of an Ernest V. Llewellyn Memorial Fund. She freelances with the Queensland and Adelaide Symphony Orchestras, Camerata Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra and Opera Australia.

Recently on a collaborative tour with ANAM and the Australian Chamber Orchestra, in the coming months she looks forward to being an Australian World Orchestra Academy Player, semi-finalist in Melbourne Youth Orchestra’s Virtuosity Competition and is travelling overseas.


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