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A backyard drama centred on three men, each at a crossroads; the tale of their individual heartaches and internalising their future fears.

Days Left

“Balas” is a Torres Strait word meaning brothers – this includes cousin brothers.

David, Thomas and Ezra are three urban Torres Strait Island men who have come together after hearing sad news of the passing of a close Uncle coincidentally at time of their annual getaway to a popular music festival weekend. While commiserating together we get an insight into each individual’s deeper issues of the heart. Each man is being called by a woman – a sexter, a mother and a siren – challenging their choices, small or large, whilst being played out unknowingly before the eyes of Thomas’s 5-year-old daughter, Titui.

Balas aspires to see masculinity from a perspective different to that normally showcased in Australian cinema. The approach is to soften men without weakening yet show strength without aggression. This is a coming of age story but not as we know it. Men in their 30s who once identified who they were through their careers are now challenged to see what they desire without their professional armour. Family is important, immediate and distant. Family is wherever you can find support and this film puts that into practice.

Director Deborah Brown will draw from not only what is considered her artistic family but family she has away from home. Long time collaborators at Bangarra Dance Theatre, Waangenga Blanco and Luke Currie-Richardson and former NRL player direct from Red Line Productions King of Pigs, Michael Bani join to tell this story. Your support means you become a part of this family too.

Balas is a universal story, told from a unique perspective. Deborah’s approach as director is firmly collaborative and resistant to structure which means the creative process will be demanding from the get go.

We need your support to ensure our incredibly talented cast + crew are rewarded for their work in order to deliver the ultimate final product. Your donations will go towards funding all aspects of our shoot plus post-production to ensure work is carried out in the most safe, professional, respectful and nurturing manner. We will pay our actors full rate under BREAC and need to cover accommodation, meals plus travel for all of our cast and crew. We need to cover crew costs, gear, locations, design, costume, hair, make up, editing, sound mix, music composition + recording, colour grade, vfx, the list goes on. Our budget will prioritise the welfare and safety of our cast + crew. Balas also features an underwater scene which means we need to provide additional training plus security for all involved.


Deborah Brown




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Deborah was a Senior Artist with internationally renowned Bangarra Dance Theatre for 14 years as a dancer and choreographer. In 2013, she made her choreographic and directorial debut, creating a short dance film titled “dive” for Bangarra, leading her to create “IBIS” as part of the “lore” national season in 2015. “lore” was nominated for a Helpmann the following year for Best New Australian Work. Deborah has also directed and choreographed local talent in short film “hide” in association with Campbelltown Arts Centre.

In 2018 became Choreographer and Assistant Director for Spinifex Gum in collaboration with Felix Riebl, Ollie McGill and Lyn Williams. Spinifex Gum featured as the opening entertainment for AFL’s Dreamtime at the G match and was a sell-out show at Sydney Festival 2019. Deborah was also Assistant Director to Neil Armfield and Choreographer on Sydney Theatre Company’s Long Forgotten Dream.

In 2013 Deborah won the Helpmann Award for Best Female Dancer in a Dance or Physical Theatre Production for Frances Rings’ Terrain.

She is currently completing her Masters in Screen Directing at AFTRS.


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