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Bach Akademie Australia is Australia’s dedicated Bach Ensemble. Artistic director Madeleine Easton brings artists from around the globe back to Australia to create this world class ensemble.

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I am extremely excited to be bringing a dedicated Bach Ensemble to Australia. Johann Sebastian Bach is a composer who needs no introduction, who is considered by the most respected academics and performers the world over to represent the cornerstone of western classical music, who’s genius for musical invention and musicianship has amazed, intrigued, influenced and inspired all who have been exposed to it. From the great Passions to the cantatas and instrumental works, his music appeals to every one of us on many levels.

J.S Bach is a composer whose works I have been performing and recording every since I began my professional career. I feel absolutely at home with his music. He is a composer who for me never disappoints or underwhelms. Bach’s music embodies a, perfection of structure and genius of musical invention unique to him. For myself, and doubtless for others, his music appeals both emotionally and intellectually. The study and performance of Bach could well entail more than one person’s life time as it is so very fascinating in a myriad of ways, hence why I feel so very ready and passionate to dedicate the rest of my musical life to the undertaking.

Bach Akademie Australia’s raison d’etre is to create a natural extension of my work over the last 15 years in Europe. During this time, I have worked closely with some of the worlds greatest Bach exponents such as Sir John Eliot Gardiner, John Butt, Peter Shrier and Richard Egarr from whom I have learnt and absorbed an enormous amount. The very name itself, ‘Bach Akademie’, is intended to resemble as European an ensemble as possible, thereby bringing the great musical tradition of Europe to Australia. Most importantly, the music will be at the heart of the undertaking. I believe the time is right in Australia create an ensemble such as this to enrich and enhance the musical life of my country.

There will be close links forged with Academic institutions around Australia to establish an atmosphere of learning and education around the ensemble. There will also be close links with the Bach Festival in Leipzig where I continue to perform Bach’s music every year.

I am extremely fortunate to have Sir John Eliot Gardiner as patron of Bach Akademie Australia. I have also received pledges from international experts in Bach performance world wide to travel to Australia to perform with the orchestra and further the education goals of the ensemble. With my fellow musicians and Sir John Eliot Gardiner’s support, we will bring to Australia an ensemble of the absolute highest standards and put Australia on the map as a place of international regard and repute for the performance of J.S Bach.

With fire in her belly and a spirit of enterprise, Madeleine Easton is a musician after my own heart. Her project of forming and moulding a ‘Bach Akademie Australia’ is much sexier than its title suggests.  Knowing Maddie as I do, it will combine cutting edge scholarship, imaginative musicianship and playing of dazzling virtuosity. Australian audiences are in for a treat –  of superb music-making which she and her colleagues will, no doubt, communicate with skill, charm and real flair.’ – Sir John Eliot Gardiner

The funding will go directly towards bringing out major international artists who will feature in our programs such as the British Baritone Peter Harvey, Adam Woolf -Principal trombone of the Orchestre Revolutionaire e Romantique, Neil Brough- Principal trumpet of the English Baroque Soloists, Anneke Scott- Principal horn of the English Baroque Soloists, Hiroshi Amako – the young British Tenor,  Reginald Mobley – an extremely talented young American Counter tenor, and Mahan Esfahani – the world renowned Harpsichordist.

The funding will go towards building our music library, paying the musicians fees, travel and accommodation expenses, printing and publicity for individual projects, venue hire and other costs related to launching our own concert series. The orchestra has already been contracted to perform as part of the St James Church concert series in Sydney, and at the Canberra International Music Festival in 2017. We fully expect further bookings for the orchestra to follow as soon as we are up and running.

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The Australian violinist Madeleine Easton is an established star on the international stage known for her versatility and expertise in the world of violin playing. Throughout her career, a desire to combine period and modern playing has led to unique opportunities for performing with some of the world’s most respected ensembles and orchestras.

She has appeared as concertmaster with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Gulbenkian Symphony of Lisbon, the Orquesta Sinfonica de Madrid among others. She was appointed concertmaster of the Hanover Band and is now guest leader of the English Baroque Soloists, under the baton of Sir John Eliot Gardiner.

She now returns to Australia as founder and artistic director of her own orchestra, ‘Bach Akademie Australia’. Under the patronage of Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Australia now has it’s own dedicated Bach ensemble, presenting the music of J.S Bach at the highest levels of artistic and academic endeavour.


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