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BABETTE’S FEAST, Australian Premiere

Two dutiful sisters. One tired village. And a stranger who seeks refuge in both.

Joining the Dots Theatre presents the stage premiere of the much-loved story & Oscar-winning film.

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BABETTE’S FEAST is a tonic for Sydney audiences, an inspiring and timely re-telling of one of the world’s most loved stories by Danish writer Isak Dinesen, made famous through the 1987 Academy Award-winning film.

With 12 performances running 16-27 June 2020 at Sydney’s Greek Theatre, BABETTE’S FEAST invites audience members to consider anew what happens when duty encounters the unexpected, when hospitality meets the stranger.

This new stage adaptation of BABETTE’S FEAST (conceived and developed by Abigail Killeen, written by Rose Courtney) premiered in January 2018 in Portland, Maine (USA), to rave reviews, before enjoying a successful run in New York, and now will have its Australian premiere in Sydney.

The play tells the story of Babette, a French refugee, who finds safety in a pious Norwegian fishing village. With extravagant generosity, Babette prepares a feast that shocks her neighbours and heals their fractured community.

If you’ve seen the film or read the story, you know that BABETTE’S FEAST is a beautiful and timeless story with a big impact. Like any great work of art, though, it requires visionary partners—LIKE YOU—who see its far-reaching possibilities and want to come to the table.

That’s why your financial support can help make every part of this theatre experience as lovely and true and delicious as it can be.

Our major costs for this first-class production include:
•professional marketing
•cast and crew honoraria
•period costumes
•theatre hire.

We are casting the best theatre artists we can to take care of each aspect of BABETTE’S FEAST. We’ll keep you up to date on, say, how a costume evolves from design to fabric to character. Or how a marketing idea creates a joyful audience.

We’re even offering some nights of DINNER theatre with our friends at DINNER AT THE TABLE to get a real taste of the story.

As Babette says, “Through all the world there goes one long cry from the heart of the artist: Give me leave to do my utmost!’”

Thank you for supporting our utmost with BABETTE’S FEAST!






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Because we’re not the types to stop dreaming, we—that is, Sydney-based actor Alison Chambers and American/Sydney transplant playwright/producer Jo Kadlecek—co-founded JOINING THE DOTS THEATRE Company in 2018. It was the culmination of many conversations and theatre experiences over, um, many years in two different countries. In other words, we are a newish theatre company with a history, small but mighty in vision.

We believe theatre brings people together for stimulating conversations, igniting our imaginations and making us better human beings along the way. We go deep but aren’t afraid to laugh; we wander far with our stories, but love staying home as well. We delight at the adventure of the broader creative process, and hope you’ll join us as we explore new and old and yet unknown stories for the stage!

We fell in love with the language and story of Pulitzer Prize winning play, “W;t” (by Margaret Edson) when we read it and knew it’d be our first show. We booked the lovely Noosa Arts Theatre for Dec. 5-8 and recruited a world class director as well as Noosa/Sydney-based actors to fill out this beautiful story as a gift for the Noosa community. We’re so grateful for those of you who joined us on that first venture as we celebrated our new company, provided new opportunities for actors, and raised awareness and research gifts toward ovarian cancer (re: the storyline of “W;t”).

Now, we’re wanting to introduce Sydney audiences to the wit, works and wisdom of writers Dorothy Day, Dorothy Parker and Dorothy L. Sayers through this world premiere of Jo’s play, “Speak . . . easy.” We’d love to have your partnership and support and say a big thanks now for helping us spread the word about this timely new work about conversations and creativity with those unlike ourselves!


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