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B-SIDE 2020

We aim to raise $5,000 – Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1 will reward donors for championing this brave new world by doubling their donation.

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B-SIDE 2020 calls for the support of BLINDSIDE and its collaborating artists, writers and curators as we navigate the other side, life beyond the pandemic. It’s the start of the world as we want it.

2020 has been undeniably challenging, yet for many, it offers the promise of transformation across hierarchies, economies and society. We have felt an increased sense of community and a determination to look toward a better future. As an Artist-Run Initiative, BLINDSIDE believes artists and creative workers will be fundamental, as we look to recover and rebuild our society in the coming months and years.

COVID-19 has negatively impacted BLINDSIDE’s income streams, with education and public program ticketing and bar donations not currently viable. Your support in 2020 will enable BLINDSIDE to recoup lost income and stabilise operations ahead of navigating the challenging post-COVID-19 economy.

To help us reach this ambitious yet achievable target of $5000, and for Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1 to match the funds raised you can:

Make a tax-deductible donation through the Australian Cultural Fund before 31 December 2020.


Our fundraising exhibition presents 100 works from some of Australia’s most exciting contemporary artists – acquire a new work online from November 4 – 11 2020 at

Your donation, big or small, will support BLINDSIDE to:

  • Incite and inspire ambitious and experimental projects by providing artists with FREE access to two gallery spaces and offsite screens, as well as paying artist fees in 2021;
  • Facilitate online projects that continue to build on our digital innovations during COVID-19 and beyond;
  • Provide mentorship and paid professional development opportunities for artists, curators and writers at pivotal stages in their careers;
  • Develop local, national and international partnerships and collaborations with other leading cultural organisations, without being limited by geography;
  • Lead the contemporary art conversation with exceptional artistic programming, while pushing the boundaries of multiple art forms;
  • And encourage all generations to participate in contemporary art and exchange.

To find out more about our artistic program, visit

*Please note, artwork purchases are not tax deductible and cannot be made through the ACF.






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BLINDSIDE is where you can expect the unexpected. We create dynamic and transformative experiences that activate and expand the possibilities of contemporary art.

BLINDSIDE provides unique experiences for artists and their development, always striving to expand the sphere of artistic practice and empowering artists to see into fruition bold and spectacular ideas.

We provide the opportunity for audiences to see the breadth of contemporary art practice from sculpture, drawing, painting and performance art, through to new media, video, sound, installation and craft.

We are committed to the role of education in the future of contemporary art practice and offer an extensive program of talks, workshops and forums for artists, the general public and visiting school groups.

With an expanding program and strong organisational rigour, and after a decade of developing and presenting contemporary art practice within the city of Melbourne, we are committed to becoming more responsive and engaged with our audiences and community than ever before.

BLINDSIDE’s strategic direction is managed by a voluntary board of dedicated arts professionals.

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