Australian Tap Dance Festival


Australian Tap Dance Festival

The Australian Tap Dance Festival (ATDF) is the only one of its kind in Australasia. This project will enable us to provide a new scholarship stream & implement strategies to sustain the art form & expand the community.

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The annual festival is a week-long event in the Spring school holidays that brings leading mentors from across Australia & headliner from the US to conduct masterclasses, residencies, lectures & performances all in one place. We are at the forefront of reigniting and expanding the tap dance scene in Australia & NZ, as evident in the 8 years of conducting the event. Providing aspiring tap dancers the platform to connect, collaborate & create with leaders of the art form and the community, in order to establish opportunities to build a career. Furthermore, we provide access for all ages, levels & abilities; Tap dance is an art form that does not discriminate and can be done at any age, having witnessed participants from 4 to 92 years old taking part for fun, fitness & belonging. We are raising funds to ensure we can continue to expand our reach, build opportunities beyond the festival & provide support with scholarships for young dancers who do not have the resources or means to attend.

Without the ADTF, tap dance would not flourish due to lack of access to mentors at the forefront presenting cutting edge tools & techniques not readily available. We also provide a strong educational aspect not covered in everyday classes and training in Australia but playing an integral part to growth & understanding of where they’ve come from, where the art form is now & its future. The USA & Europe have extensive opportunities for tap dancers to learn, grow & build careers with festivals, camps, workshops, auditions and mentors continuously accessible, but due to distance & cost Australians can rarely access these, leaving them on the sidelines on an international scale. The ATDF fills a much-needed gap in the local industry by supporting the art form & community, as you will rarely see Tap at other dance conventions & events. Your help is imperative to ensure we continue to grow the community and sustain the art form in Australia and ensure our dancers can work on an international level.

We are currently in the 8th year and have not increased prices to attend to ensure as many students of the art form can participate as possible, however our costs continue to increase and we need to acquire further financial support to sustain the longevity of the event, the art form and its growth on a national scale. The additional funds will assist with providing the organising committee, who currently donate most of their time voluntarily, to be able to provide set working hours to build and implement growth strategies. This also includes introducing a scholarship stream for young aspiring tap dancers that show true potential but lack the support or resources to attend. Potential recipients will be assessed on technical skill, dedication, talent, dance expression and financial need of the student. We plan to launch the scholarship at the 2019 festival being held Sept 28 – Oct 5 to open the opportunity for a minimum of 3 students from across Australia to attend the 2020 festival.

The Australian Tap Dance Festival is the only one of its kind in Australasia & Asia. A week-long event packed with everything tap related and open to all ages and all levels, from novice to professional to those who are just intrigued by the world of tap dance.

Our purpose is to conduct a dynamic and versatile festival renown amongst the wider community in Australia and abroad, to build strong relationships with students of tap dance by providing a forum for learning contemporary, innovative tap and education from todays tap legends.

This is achieved through bringing together a selection of International and Australia’s best tap dancers/educators to run residencies, masterclasses, lectures and special events where dance schools/troupes/soloists of the art form showcase their own works.

This platform also builds awareness in the broader community and welcome more people to the dance community from those with no experience to advanced levels.


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