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ASTROPHE Magazine: Issue 2

Astrophe is a magazine by Babes, for Babes. And for anyone who respects Babes. Astrophe aims to reclaim popular expressions of femininity and restore them to their rightful glory.

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Astrophe Magazine is unparalleled in our diverse team of collaborators, production of original Australian content, and uplifting subject matter.

Issue 2 centres on the role of a Muse within the creative process. Contributors include Isabella Manfredi (The Preatures), Ecca Vandal, Tara Lee and The Beaches.

Astrophe Magazine is a self-funded venture. Our Issue 1 crowd funding campaign was so successful that we not only smashed our target by selling issues and merchandise to hundreds of happy customers internationally.. It also left stockists clamouring for remaining copies. For the lucky stores who secured stock, Astrophe Magazine was a sell-out success.

Following the humbling success of Issue 1, Astrophe Magazine are delighted to present an even juicier Issue 2.

Issue 2 expands on the Astrophe vision of reclaiming and restoring popular expressions of femininity. This issue is a celebration of creative energy, resilience, persistence and power.

We proudly showcase the work of talented home-grown Australian and international, artists. Female, male and non-binary creativity is represented, as is the work and opinion of artists of diverse ethnicities and ages.

Why? Because beauty is beauty, art is art, and every body is beautiful.

“I’m going to try with a little help from my friends” – Lennon and McCartney.

The donated funds will help us cover the cost of printing 250 x A4 copies of ASTROPHE MAGAZINE: Issue 2, which will be marketed and distributed worldwide.

Our target aims to also raise funds to cover the cost of Merchandise, Production & Creative Costs and our upcoming Magazine Launch.

ASTROPHE NEEDS YOU to donate generously and pre-order yourself a magazine or some merchandise.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Astrophe is for people who are sick of magazines.
Astrophe is the girl of your dreams; the woman of your Mother’s nightmares; the spirit of feminine power.

Astrophe is danger, confidence and seduction rolled into one smokin’ Premium Cigar.
She is everything you’d heard about and more… The one you have been waiting for. Embrace her.
You know you want too.

Following the humbling success of Issue 1, Astrophe Magazine are delighted to present an even juicier Issue 2. Feast your eyes on the following sneak peak into Issue 2 and donate generously. We won’t disappoint.


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