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In response to the devastation wreaked by COVD-19, Artist Relief Fund WA will help cover bills and essential medical and mental health expenses for people with careers in the live performing arts in Western Australia.

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Artist Relief Fund WA is seeking to boost its capacity to financially support Western Australian performing artists and arts workers currently experiencing hardship and distress.

COVID-19 has been having a devastating impact on our industry. The closure of theatres and venues to reduce its spread has seen countless performances cancelled or postponed, and thousands of people have seen sources of income they needed to get by vanish. In Western Australia, more than 55,000 artists and arts workers have been affected, losing income in excess of $21 million.

While the Government has put packages in place to support people who have lost work, targeted support for our industry has been minimal. In addition, many artists do not qualify for the support offered by programs like JobKeeper. Younger artists who live below the poverty line and subsist by working in multiple casual roles have been hit hard. Older artists, many of whom can’t retire because they weren’t able to build up enough savings, are suffering too.

Artist Relief Fund WA will support as many local artists and arts workers as we can. We will do this by offering targeted financial assistance to alleviate hardship, particularly in cases involving health or mental health emergencies, or situations where people cannot support themselves or afford necessities.

We are asking people whose lives are enriched by the live performing arts to support the people who work in them. Your donations will help pay for medical bills, counselling, or a week’s groceries. They will help us reach as many artists and arts workers as we can – actors, dancers, stage managers, crew and many others. Every dollar donated will help provide an artist with hope and the confidential support they need to make it through to the other side of this crisis.

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Artist Relief Fund WA supports entertainment professionals at all stages of their careers. It primarily does this by providing artists and arts workers living in Western Australia with targeted financial assistance to alleviate hardship or distress. It treats every request for assistance that it receives with respect and the utmost confidence.

Artist Relief Fund WA is guided by its values of Community, Compassion and Trust.
• Community: To build community in order to facilitate wellbeing.
• Compassion: To be compassionate by responsibly supporting the community as a whole, individual members of the community, and the connections that make up our community.
• Trust: To be trustworthy in order to serve the community, confidentially and with integrity.

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