Karol Oakley

Community Arts & Cultural Development

Artist in Residence

“Say YES to opportunity and make it happen from there.” Karol Oakley
In partnership with The Hahndorf Academy I have a studio and exhibition space for six weeks as Artist in Residence .

Days Left

“Once upon a time there was an artist from rural Queensland…………….who needs to get out more.”

This is S.H.E.’s story (S.H.E. Seriously Hampered Entity)

Fellow artists hold enthralling weekly classes to survive but this is never ever what SHE wants to do. Our artist wants to, needs to, paint in new places far far away from home in rural Queensland. SHE is a traveller our artist, experiencing places and meeting new faces, intrigued by the light, colour and atmosphere of different locations, as individual as SHE is.

One day totally by surprise SHE dropped onto Hahndorf and The Cedars, the family home of the King and some say creator of the Australian Cultural Movement. This King, Hans Heysen also has the title of Master Painter of Light loved
posthumously by artists and people across the globe. The King is dead but lives on, continuing to be honoured when artists like SHE come to paint in his footsteps. Artists come and go from Hahndorf, so will SHE, but SHE will learn.

In magical Hahndorf our artist has a friend named Partner. Partner has helped SHE working with the Hahndorf Academy supplying a studio and SHE has booked an exhibition space. They’re hosting the ball, I mean residency for six weeks in April May this year, just two moons hence.
SHE has a coach and a driver and a footman too, that will get her to the Kingdom’s Castle, The Hahndorf Academy. SHE will need fuel for the coach, an old Kombi named Aunty who has 2000 km to travel from rural Queensland to Hahndorf.
What SHE doesn’t have is a Fairy Godperson and Associates. When the clock strikes midnight in Hahndorf its a tad too far for the coach to travel back to rural Queensland – every night for six weeks, that’s 38 sleeps.
Meanwhile back in rural Queensland each evening when the moon and the stars come out, SHE talks to the stars. SHE explains how her residency is all planned, how
the rural treasury is depleted, how SHE so wants to learn from the King.

Very quietly SHE lets them know about the workshops, the demonstrations, the fundraising auctions for local arts which SHE is doing, the special events for local artists & community & painting in the fairy tale land of The Cedars.
SHE sits upon a carpet of dust in rural Queensland and dreams what it must be like to paint in these faraway lands.
SHE has worked out accommodation will be $3800, while fuel for the coach is $1000. All those paintings SHE will do need frames to hang in the exhibition and make a good impression on the people. There is $1230 budgeted for that purpose, more would be spectacular but SHE has no avarice and SHE know its tax deductible.
So in amongst the fairy dust, the best wishes and the other artists wanting to carry SHE’s easel, the cash needs to sprinkle or fall in and add up to $6030. Now the stars know the story and so do you. How does the story end? Only the FGP &A can determine that,………. but SHE definitely needs to get out more.

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Painting with pastels for over 30 years Karol Oakley has paintings in private and public collections. A Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia Karol paints from life in a representational style with the natural environment as the theme.

Karol travels to paint and teach across the globe, often invited back, leading five painting tours of the Greek Islands. Karol attended the International Association of Pastel Societies Convention 2017 to see her first ever entry hung in this prestigious juried exhibition. While in the USA Karol accepted an invitation to participate in the Los Gatos Plein-air Event, a week of painting with a small selecteded group.

Awarded Australian Pastellist of the Year in 2014 by the Pastel Society of Australia Karol has added this to a list of awards spanning thirty years. A member of NAVA, AGRA, RQAS & PSA this artists credibility as a dedicated practicing fine artist is backed up by the articles written in contemporary art magazines on and offline.

Ultimately it is about the work, about getting out and painting, engaging in nature and the process of creating, for this artist, Karol Oakley MP PSA.