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Artaria Ltd | 2021 Campaign

Artaria believes in the power of music to build brighter, more resilient communities. By developing unique experiences of the highest quality for audiences of all ages, Artaria will deliver South Australia to the world.

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Focusing initially on oboe, for which Creative Director, Celia Craig is internationally recognised including as Principal Oboe of Adelaide Symphony 2011-2018, with a vision to widen scope of instruments and genres in future, Artaria’s innovative approach offers the opportunity to be bold, visual, pushing boundaries of genre and tradition, offering creative freedom and demonstrating the unique power of the arts to enrich society through cultural awareness and shared experience.

Within an annual program of recordings, videos, live concerts, teaching, digital services and events for hire, Artaria Ltd. will bring music closer to people, recording world class artistry to create cutting edge albums with vibrant video, advocating for and demonstrating the power of music for our mental wellbeing, live or on screen by world class musicians in South Australia: nurturing and inspiring our future generations.

Artaria will deliver under key pillars:

  1. Performance : In addition to its globally distributed recording projects, Artaria will bring live chamber music direct to people via intimate concert series: bespoke house concerts and recitals while delivering a flagship concert program through partnership with National Trust of South Australia.
  2. Education : online education products will build interaction through online interviews, lessons, practical resources and connect music students in a club proposal targeted to specific age groups through social media. Among a suite of Artaria live proposals running from primary to high performance tertiary and adult, is a practical, easily implemented proposal “Accelerando’ for primary school age built from years of experience and imagination.
  3. Sustainability : Artaria focuses on long term business modelling and planning, philosophical outlooks supporting local economy and community and marketing development
  4. Growth : Video opens up new markets through the exponential growth rate of online consumption

What do we need now?

  • Website upgrade for highest quality demonstration and engagement including subscriber support and shop,
  • Salary for Creative Director Celia Craig,
  • Administrative staff in part time roles including graphic design and marketing/PR,
  • A dedicated Development role: a permanent salaried manager,
  • Underwriting of projects to safeguard the viability and protect company from risk exposure during building of markets and databases during set up phase one,
  • Project-specific philanthropic funding to match funds for bold and innovative artistic projects and collaborations including future recordings, film and commissions.

From a sole trader to a company with a distinguished Advisory Board, now Not for Profit Artaria Ltd. has now attracted the commitment of an experienced Board of Directors chaired by CEO of Australian Industry Greenhouse Network Susie Smith and high performance corporate partners Kyron Audio, while establishing and nurturing a core group of supporters with vision and purpose.

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Artaria believes in the power of music to colour and capture our world. Not only does music provide pleasure to the senses, evoke strong human emotions, and possess the ability to transport the listener into another world, it also has such amazing impacts on well-being, from early childhood brain development to calming a troubled spirit, to memory retention in old age.

Music of chamber proportions is a particularly good medium with its unique capacity for mobile and up close and personable performances in beautiful locations. Using our high performance sponsors, partners, our personal musical inspirations (players and educators spread across the globe), Artaria will become a significant network enabler promoting vibrant music & musicians creating a series of live and recorded multimedia experiences.

Ultimately, Artaria Ltd will be a unique multimedia recording label and agency uniting world class artistry, merging vibrant imagery and cutting edge production to create a catalyst for cross cultural collaboration and exceptional music education outcomes which place South Australia at the forefront of global arts innovation, building and sustaining community engagement with classical music.


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