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In 2018 my aim is to publish a series of art classes online, 1 per month showcasing a range of different skills for art enthusiasts in remote parts of Australia who would otherwise have limited access.

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As an illustrator and project manager I work in a range of different styles and mediums managing a wide range of projects.

I would like to share my knowledge and experience in these areas by putting together a series of classes. To do this professionally I need few pieces of equipment, software and some materials, this is where I need your help.

The funds raised here will help me purchase equipment such as tripods, editing software, lighting, camera, microphone.

I will then use this equipment to put together classes on topics like Project management for creatives, painting without brushes, process of illustration, drawing for beginners, painting with water mixable oil paints, painting landscapes, painting portraits. Aiming for 10 classes published in 2018.

These classes will then be published online and accessible to people in remote parts of Australia as a primary focus, though of course these will be accessibly globally.

Through my recent project work in the allied health sector I have learned just how lacking creative resources are in remote and underprivileged areas of Australia. This project is important because it will bring art to the people and allow the communities to forge a bond in their creative journey while developing skills they can use to better themselves and their quality of life.

I will contribute some of the funds needed through my own art sales, though support I receive here will mean I can reach the goals faster and with more financial security. Your support will bridge the financial gap for me to purchase the equipment I need to start producing the classes and publish online.

The donations will be used to purchase the equipment I need to film and publish the classes online.

With the right professional equipment I will be able to use my time effectively to publish a series of art skill classes which are professional and accessible to Australians living with restricted access to creative practices.

The delivery of these classes also ties in with a bigger picture project I am current working on to initiate a local Art Hub, and deliver classes in person with a focus on reaching an audience of youth, aged care, disability care, living remotely / isolated.

You can find out more about myself and my art practice at damiansart.com

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Damian Smith has exhibited his work over the past 15 years in and around Brisbane with an average of two exhibitions per year. He tends to sway between the mediums of painting and drawing.

Damian completed his BA in Visual Fine Arts from Griffith Queensland College of Art in 2003.

Damian’s latest drawings and paintings of horned females focus on themes of moral balance, light and shade in a style of realism.

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