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Argo 2017 Concert Season

Brisbane-based concert series and collective Argo will return in 2017 with a full concert season of immersive art music, featuring six new commissions by young Australian composers.

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Following on from the successes of the 2016, Argo will return in 2017 with a full concert season.

Each of the concerts presents contemporary and established classical music in collaboration with a different local ensemble, reinterpreting the works into single, seamless, continuously flowing programs. The programs focus on contemporary classical music, featuring seven newly commissioned works by emerging to mid-career Australian composers, and the Australian premiere of works by international contemporaries.

Our aim is to combat challenges facing classical music.

Argo presents canonical and contemporary art-music in immersive multi-sensory events that combine multiple artforms, taking classical music out of concert halls into unique/unusual spaces, and breaking down audience/performer divides, creating an inviting and social atmosphere, presented in a way which appeals to audiences that have and haven’t actively engaged with classical music alike.

In 2017, Argo will collaborate with an established local ensemble on each concert, as well as collaborating with local composers and a range of other artists from fields including electronic music, fine-art, film and live visuals, supporting a wide range on Brisbane’s world-class artistic talent.

Primary to Argo, which this funding would primarily support, is the commissioning of new artworks by young local artists. Each concert will feature at least one new commission by a local composer. Most exciting will be a concert-length work collaboratively written by a collective of composers, lead by Argo’s artistic director Connor D’Netto.

The full details of the season are coming soon, but it’s sure looking like an exciting season. So, get on board to support Brisbane’s vibrant art scene!


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Argo is a contemporary classical music concert series and collective based in Brisbane, Australia.

Founded in 2015 by Connor D’Netto, its producer and artistic director, alongside Ben Heim, Argo draws upon their background in classical music and contemporary influences to create new works, performances and experiences which bend the boundaries of genre and art form, and to challenge the norms of musical performance and staging with immersive art-music events.

In 2016 Argo launched an entire five-concert series, presented in collaboration with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Queensland Music Festival, Brisbane Writers Festival, Anywhere Theatre Festival, the Brisbane Powerhouse, St John’s Anglican Cathedral, and the University of Queensland School of Music. The programs featured all-original programs of contemporary art-music by Connor D’Netto and Ben Heim, tailored to a number of Brisbane’s landmarks and venues, intersecting with other artforms such as live visuals, contemporary Australian literature and electronic music.

One review of the 2016 season, said “Argo do performances rather than concerts proper. Which is to say that you really have to be there to get it . . . it’s certain to make you stop and think and listen”.


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