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Arcko Symphonic: If not in this World!

Arcko Symphonic Ensemble presents: “If not in this World” a concert of new Australian works to mark the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice to end WW1 presented in Melbourne and Bendigo..

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If not in this World…were the final words of Private Leslie Robins, in his last letter home from the Western Front before his death. Composer Andrew Harrison will create a new work based on these letters, by his own great-great-uncle (Leslie Robins) and those of Robins’ mother as she seeks solace and comfort in artefacts to remember her son by. This deeply moving and personal work explores the loss and mourning of soldiers and their families left behind.

German expressionist painter Otto Dix also saw action on the Western Front fighting for the Germans. Bendigo based composer Rohan Phillips will create a new work using Dix’s harrowing depictions of trench warfare as the starting point for a new works for large ensemble under the title “Meditations on der Krieg”

Included in this concert will be solo piano works by Helen Gifford-Menin Gate and Harrison’s “The Drumfire was incessant…” as well as readings from An English Vision of Empire by Arcko founder’s own Grandfather, who served at Gallipoli and in France.

Deeply personal and relatable by thousands of people the world over this concert tells the stories shared by soldiers and their families through two amazing new works by Andrew Harrison and Rohan Phillips for large ensemble.

Arcko Symphonic Ensemble exists to share Australian classical music with audiences, and in this case their stories as well, in a powerful emotionally charged concert of two new works, two solo piano pieces and poetry all using the words and images of people who saw action during, or were directly affected by WW1.

Arcko plans to present this program in Melbourne on 9 November and through the strong links to the Victorian City of Bendigo will also present this concert there on the eve of the anniversary, 10 November 2018. Giving those connected to both Leslie Robins and Rohan Phillips the opportunity to engage with this singularly important

Donations to this project will be used to help cover the costs of assembling the 26 world-class musicians required to do this program justice. Donations will also be used to help the travel and accommodation costs associated in taking a project of this importance on the road.

The result of your support will see a program of new Australian repertoire presented by the acclaimed Arcko Symphonic Ensemble in Melbourne and Bendigo in November 2018, marking in a culturally significant way, from an Australian perspective this globally important event, the ending of WW1.

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Breathing life into forgotten or neglected works Arcko is creating a musical link between past heritage composers and the present day and playing a vital role in the creation of an Australian musical canon through fearless programming, re-performance of works, a small commissioning program and the release on CD of previously unrecorded Australian works.

Described variously as “Genuine Champions of New Music” or “Stars of the New Music world” Arcko assumes a unique and vital role in Australia’s cultural landscape and lives by the motto that Australians should be the primary presenters and consumers of their own cultural goods.


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