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ANZAC Day 2020

The Darling Range Wind Ensemble is a newly formed community concert band in the Perth Hills Region. We would like to be able to provide our local communities with live music for ANZAC Day which is currently not available.

Days Left

The Darling Range Wind Ensemble is a newly formed community concert band that is within close proximity of a few communities that hold ANZAC day ceremonies and parades, but unfortunately don’t have live musical support. We would like to offer these services to the communities, but will need some equipment to enable us to venture out of our normal rehearsal space. We are hoping to achieve this in time for ANZAC Day 2020.

The founding body of the Darling Range Wind Ensemble and its members are very dedicated to continuing the legacy and tradition of ANZAC Day in both dawn services and parades. We believe that music is a vital part to commemorating the fallen diggers and we would like to be able to offer this to the community that supports us.

We are asking for monetary support to buy the necessary equipment we require to perform outside of our rehearsal venue.

Donations will be used to purchase equipment such as stands, lyres and marching drums so we are able to be mobile. This will enable us to provide our musical services for ANZAC day for many years to come as well as other community events in the future.

The Darling Range Wind Ensemble is available to be contacted and followed on facebook, with our website currently under construction. We welcome anyone to contact us to find our more information.

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The Darling Range Wind Ensemble is the newest community concert band in Perth. We have formed to provide an environment where musicians of all levels feel challenged. We aim to provide the community with entertainment for many years to come, as well as provide a safe space for youth musicians to be mentored and inspired to continue with their music.

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