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Anya Anastasia: The Executioners

Cabaret performer composer and playwright Anya Anastasia is taking her award winning show “The Executioners” to the Edinburgh Fringe!

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Award-winning musical-comedy maverick Anya Anastasia brandishes her razor-sharp satirical wit, gleefully attacking and dismembering perils of the modern world.

Alongside musical partner-in-crime Gareth Chin, she stalks the 21st century landscape: a singing, smart-phone-wielding, Gaga-esque vision in white spandex and stacked heels. The Executioners is digitally enhanced millennial neo-cabaret cutting right to the (funny) bone. And yes, there is a fight scene.

WINNER: Made in Adelaide Edinburgh Award – Adelaide Fringe 2018

WINNER: Best Cabaret/Critics Choice Weekly Award – Adelaide Fringe 2018

“Sharp, smart cabaret with bite” ***** The Advertiser

“Satirical humour, an original score, lyrical wizardry and whimsical dance. And it’s brilliant” In Daily ****1/2

This show is heading for the Edinburgh Fringe August 2018 with support from Arts SA, large personal contribution, and also support from fans, friends, and philanthropic cultural utopian visionaries. (You?)

Fresh, energetic and multi-dimensional – this is contemporary cabaret as it should be.

Interwoven soundscapes, lighting effects, and onscreen visual design by Underground Media underpin themes of technological overindulgence and the algorithmic sensory tsunami in our everyday lives – especially that of our iPhone toting, Samurai slashing, socially-conscious heroine.

“Wearing your politics on your sleeve is scarier than taking your clothes off in front of people, and it’s more controversial”, says Anya Anastasia. “This show is a thrilling new vehicle for me- I’m using my craft to provoke the conversations I want the world to be having.”

Delighted to be this year’s South Australia and Adelaide Cultural Ambassador in Edinburgh, an accolade that comes with my award wins and with support from the South Australian Government.

Bringing this cutting-edge contemporary cabaret/millennial digitally enhanced neo-opera to the international stage is a huge undertaking, but will provide a very valuable Australian cultural export.

The support from our award grant will make a huge difference to our budget covering things like travel and accommodation, but realising this tour would benefit from some additional support from our fans.

Our outstanding budget costs involve things like a publicist, advertising, a flyering team, the hire of additional equipment and film/photography of the production.

Thank you for your support and or for taking the time to learn a little more about this show and Artist.

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“Stunning, confident, alluring, and wildly funny’ Rip it Up.

‘Anastasia embodies the original meaning of burlesque. She sings hilarious and bawdy and clever songs, teasing our minds rather than our libidos.’ – Melbourne Arts Fashion 2015.

Anya Anastasia is a sassy cabaret chanteuse with a vivid and somewhat twisted imagination. Currently living between Adelaide and Melbourne, she has traversed the globe with her original songs and bold performance pieces appearing at festivals in Europe, around Australia and NZ. Nominated for best music Dunedin Fringe, and Spirit of the Fringe award, Prague Fringe. She has independently released two albums and is currently working on her third.

***** “Forget commercial comedy and half-baked theatrics. This is Fringe at its wild and spunky best.”

‘Devilishly intriguing vocalist Anya (Anastasia) weaves blackly-humoured tragic-comic tales over crazy keyboards …as if she were the carnival-raised offspring of Tom Waits and Cabaret’s Sally Bowles.’ The Advertiser