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Australian First Contemporary African Art Exhibition + Public Program.

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Hello Australia. Meet [Contemporary] Africa.

An exciting new international program of visual arts and culture is launching this winter – and we need your help! We’re looking for forward-looking donors to help immerse WA audiences in one the largest global contemporary African art exhibitions in 2017 and the first such exhibition to take place within Australia.

Immerse yourself in the largest contemporary African art exhibition to hit Australian shores in 2017 and the first such exhibition to take place within Australia. With over 40 artists and 100 works of fine art, many previously featured at MoMA NYC, Guggenheim Bilbao, TATE Modern and the Venice Biennale, the Another Antipodes exhibition and public program promise to vigorously challenge preconceptions of Africa and nurture cross-cultural discovery. Utilising Southern Africa as a touchstone for engagement, the curious are set to be rewarded with an exciting range of new African views, voices and perspectives, highlighting the contemporary discussions and multicultural diversity of the region.

Coupled with an innovative program including public seminars, artist talks, master-classes, late-night screenings, music events, the production of incredible new works by visiting African artists, artist workshops, community outreach events, guided tours and a diverse school education program this inaugural, groundbreaking exhibition is set to be one of Australia’s finest.

Who? Where? What?

Presented by Another Antipodes Inc. in association with our incredible local and international partners the 7-week Another Antipodes Exhibition opens with a bang on 9th June at PS Art Space and 10th June at the State Theatre Centre of WA. Engine for Progress + Breach – a series of internationally exhibited video and artist installations – will be popping-up and activating locations throughout Perth and Northbridge as part of the City of Perth Winter Arts Festival. These incredible installations feature work by leading contemporary African artists exploring issues around migration, identity, and movement within the city in a contemporary global context. PS Art Space, our main exhibition space, is open every Tuesday – Saturday til 8pm – looking out for those working the 9 to 5.

Why Contemporary?

While traditional visual arts are crucial to our understanding of where we come from, the Another Antipodes Exhibition engages with the movers and shapers of the new contemporary African art world. Embracing the new, the bold and often the controversial, this generation of artists, while deeply committed to their history and culture, challenge both the historic and contemporary preconceptions about their countries and continent creating a great understanding of the continent and the world. Spanning all media from painting to video installation and performance, participating artists assert themselves not just as important new voices in the world of art but also as important interlocutors and advocates for cultural engagement and dialogue between our two continents. Your support is crucial in allowing these voices to be heard.

Another Antipodes Inc?

Hi there, pleased to meet you! We’re the new guys on the Australian arts scene. We’re a WA based incorporated visual arts organisation, which strives to strengthen cross-cultural communication and to forge greater inter-cultural understanding between Australia and Africa.

We look to donors like you to help create and facilitate new, dynamic platforms for artists and organisations to effectively network and collaborate internationally on joint cultural projects projects like Another Antipodes Exhibition 2017. In the past we’ve participated in the 2016 Johannesburg and AKAA Paris Art Fairs and presented by invitation at the UWA/Artsource ArtCargo public program. We’ve also been invited to participate in the 2017-2018 High Tide Biennale, AKAA Paris Art Fair, ArtAfrica Fair and the 57th Venice Biennale. We like to keep busy.

I’m liking what I’m seeing.

You do? Amazing! To your right there’s a donate button. Big or small you have the power to shape an exciting new cultural direction and help bring amazing African contemporary art (and artists) to Australia. Go on, be a trailblazer and together let’s make it happen.

Hmmm…I need to see more.

Well, why didn’t you say? Have a look around our website for more information or get in touch with us at

Another Antipodes Inc. is an incorporated, visual arts organisation founded and developed by Gerald Sanyangore with the support of the local and international art community. We strive to strengthen cross-cultural communication and to forge a greater inter-cultural understanding between Australia and Africa.

Looking west across the Indian Ocean, our focus is on building bridges and fostering dialogue through the creation and presentation of new and exciting, high caliber, socially engaged contemporary African and African-Australian art. We also promote residencies and exchanges between Australian and African artists and art organisations.

Through exhibition, educational programmes and community outreach, Another Antipodes Inc. celebrates and actively supports diversity, improves community inclusiveness and fosters cross-cultural participation within culturally and linguistically diverse communities and the wider Australian population.The Another Antipodes Exhibition URBAN AXIS is our principal biennial event which is supported by an ongoing programme of events throughout the year and the generous support of volunteers, partner galleries, local and international artists and sponsors.

Connecting The Antipodes and the rest of the world through contemporary visual and fine art.


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