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The AGRA Exhibition Fund 2019

Program of exhibitions of realist and representational art in all its traditional and contemporary manifestations, in oils, watercolour, acrylic, pastels and drawing.

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For artists, exhibiting their work is at the heart of their practice, and AGRA is one of very few organisations that provides the opportunity at affordable rates. AGRA has been supporting and celebrating realist artists since 1974 by organising exhibitions and maintaining its own gallery space. But this service costs money to administer, promote and present.

The AGRA Exhibition Fund has been set up to encourage supporters of realist art to donate towards our 2020 program of exhibitions. The exhibitions will be held at the AGRA Gallery (Guild House) in Camberwell, with entries open to all members and the public invited to attend. The exhibitions will be judged by independent art experts. The exhibitions will provide artists with a chance to promote their practice, with sales staff and office facilities to help them sell their works. Accompanying workshops will held in various media.

With private galleries on the decline in Melbourne, AGRA is one of few, not-for-profit arts organisations that can provide this fantastic opportunity to artists to exhibit, promote and sell their work. Your donation will help to ensure that the 2020 program of exhibitions will be presented and, furthermore, hosted and managed at a high standard of professionalism. You would not only be rewarding artists for their skills, but helping to promote the value of traditional, time-honoured painting skills and realist art.

Any donations of any size would be welcome. We know many members have a long association with AGRA and would like to contribute to its ongoing success, or to thank AGRA for the role it has played in their own artistic development.

To find out more, please call Akiko at the gallery on 03 9882 5859.

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AGRA is a membership organisation that was set up in 1974 to promote realist art.

Its current membership consists of professional artists and talented amateurs. AGRA provides opportunities for artists to display and sell their work in its own galleries. The organisation supports artists in the development of their skills through classes and workshops, a variety of exhibitions and competitions judged by high calibre artists.

AGRA also hosts the annual Kenneth Jack Drawing Exhibition and runs its own Fine Art School. It produces a magazine and e-news and generally supports members in their artistic endeavours.


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